Bleached eyebrows promise to be the new viral trend in the world of beauty and celebrities or firms like Zara prove it

Bleached eyebrows promise to be the new viral trend in the world of beauty and celebrities or firms like Zara prove it

Have new trend beauty that promises to go viral and focuses on the eyebrows. We know that these are a very important part of the face capable of changing our expression, and despite the fact that the Y2K aesthetic has been implanted in our day to day life, luckily the fine eyebrows of that time are still part of the past. The fashion world has spoken and has decreed that this spring 2022 the eyebrows be bleached, to create a groundbreaking effect type “non-existent”.

Versace joins the trend with the Hadid sisters

When we say that the world of fashion has echoed this trend, we mean that fashion firms have not hesitated to implement it on their catwalks during Fashion Weeks. In such a way that Versace did not hesitate to implement this trend in the Hadid sisters.

Versace Hadid Sisters Bleached Brows

Bella and Gigi Hadid during the Versace Fall-Winter 2022/2023 fashion show (Photo: IMaxTree)

Celebrities who have not hesitated to show the result in the first person

The celebrities They have been the first to wear this fashion, with Maisie Williams being the best ambassador. In addition to her, other well-known faces such as Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry or Victoria Pedretti have shown us that despite being very extreme, this trend is also very flattering.

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Maisie Williams Bleached Eyebrows

Maisie Williams has been wearing this type of eyebrows for a while (Photo: Instagram @maisie_williams)

Kim Kardashian Bleached Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian dared to wear this trend for one of her SKIMS campaigns (Photo: Instagram @kimkardashian)

Street style is bringing it back into fashion

To know if an aesthetic will work or not, we must look at the street style and the RRSS. Although their presence is still not very strong, little by little the fashionable girls dare to try their luck by bleaching their eyebrows to create a (nice) contrast.

If Zara did imposes says, trend will be

Zara has noticed this fashion and has not hesitated to catch it on the fly. That is why in her new editorial we find the model wearing platinum blonde eyebrows that contrast with her red hair.

Zara Bleached Eyebrows 02

Photos | Zara, IMaxTree, Instagram @kimkardashian, @maisie_williams,

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