Blanc, a great cooperative indie that comes to PC and Switch

Blanc, a great cooperative indie that comes to PC and Switch

Whitea new handcrafted cooperative adventure game, comes to pc Y Switch and follows the journey of a wolf pup and a deer in a snowy world, as they learn to depend on each other to follow in their families’ footsteps after being left behind in a blizzard.

This unlikely alliance in White is the foundation for cooperative gameplay and character-centric narrative coming soon to pc Y Switch. The reveal trailer is half cinematic and half gameplay, focusing first on the premise of Blanc’s story and then moving on to show off some of the different gameplay mechanics and co-op style of play on the same screen.

The game resembles other co-op games like It Takes Two, but still has a unique twist of its own, focusing on the emotional story of the wolf cub and the deer as they traverse the world together.

The trailer goes into detail about the gameplay, highlighting the concept of using the individual strengths of the wolf and the deer to overcome certain obstacles, but also relying on combining the strengths of both to be truly successful.

The wolf cub is small and can access certain areas of the game, while the deer is agile and can jump higher to reach different ledges and other higher areas in the world. The trailer shows them working together to move obstacles, create different routes for each other, and even push each other to get to different areas.

The trailer reveals more details about the game: it’s a textless adventure that features both local co-op and online co-op options, giving players plenty of choice in how they want to engage in multiplayer.

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Just like in games like It Takes Two, White It shows the importance of communication between players as they try to solve puzzles and navigate a world full of impediments and obstacles to reach the goal.

The trailer’s gorgeous hand-drawn visuals and music, combined with the emotional story, promise an experience players will be excited to engage in cooperatively when the game releases in February 2023.

Local co-op games are very popular and often help create positive player experiences and bring the community together.