Black Widow raises almost 150 million dollars in its first weekend, being seen both on Disney + and in theaters around the world.

Last Friday, July 9, the premiere of Black Widow. The film that, following the thread of the alliance between Marvel studios Y Disney, was released simultaneously both in Disney +, like in theaters. After the first hours after its release, the criticism, comments and reviews have not stopped. While for many it was the best spy movie of the century, for others it was one more example of how this production company knows how to ruin characters.

Despite the divisions in terms of opinion, the truth is that in order to have an opinion, many had to see it and that was already synonymous with success. Because it was published on two channels at the same time, it was important to see how the impact was on each of these.

Without surprises, as it was just another production of ‘La Casa de las Ideas’, the delivery broke the records for the year, as expected. Once again, this company seeks to compete solely with itself, which it will put to the test with its next titles for this year. Shang-chi, The Eternals Y Spider-Man: No Way Home they expect the same fortune, or more.


Now, going back to Black Widow, his conquest on both fronts stands out. In theaters, after a long forced closure due to the pandemic of the COVID-19, all the mechanics changed, but little by little it returned to normal. In this modality, the feature film raised $ 80 million in its weekend. This figure is the highest of the year, surpassing other box office premieres such as Mortal Kombat, Fast and furious 9 or Godzilla vs. Kong.

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On the other hand, to be seen from the catalog of Disney +, users must have a Premiere Access, which many did. In this way, the title collected 60 million dollars, being one of the largest in the history of streaming.

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