With more than a year late, Black widow Cate Shortland hit theaters as the first Marvelita phase 4 film. But also with the curious mission of dismissing one of his most beloved characters in an extemporaneous and late manner. Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson), died in Endgame (2019), finally shows its full power and a backstory of considerable interest.

But in addition to the possible tribute to an iconic figure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black widow it is also something else. It is the presentation of the character of Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh. Natasha’s training “sister” is one of the plot’s strengths. Not only does she have the same abilities and skills as Natasha, but also her vision of power and moral responsibility.

The parallelism between both characters makes it inevitable to wonder if the film was not a witness pass to another great action heroine of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But unlike the rest of the female characters in the aforementioned universe, Yelena has a unique advantage.

Its possible future is announced in the post-credit scene of the movie. Pugh’s character appears to be part of the franchise’s new gray-tinged look on a world that survived Thanos’ snap.

Black Widow and a new power in Marvel

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With 81% positive reviews on Rotten tomatoes, Black widow get off to a good start on your journey on the big screen. But it also has something else going for it.

The Marvel series have managed to establish a varied universe, of gray tones and much more adult. That allows the tone of Black widow is much more in keeping with Marvel’s new style of storytelling. This despite its quality of island production and that, in reality, is not entirely connected to current events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But in a brilliant maneuver, the film has a post-credits scene that creates a link with the new phenomena on the small screen. In particular, with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, with which he is related thanks to the appearance of Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Val). The character played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus appears not only to link the feature film with phase four. Also, it provides a motive for Yelena for her new tour of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It is a clever connection that builds a version of the ambiguous heroes and villains that the new Marvel discourse sustains. WandaVision showed us Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) on what seems like a fast-paced journey to a showdown with Doctor Strange.

In the case of Sam Wilson’s Captain America, there is considerable emphasis on issues of social relevance and a new adult setting. Black widow It seems to be the highest point of the journey, with Yelena becoming an unpredictable character in a new universe. Especially in one in which your main objective is revenge.

Black Widow and the Coming Marvel stories

Although it may seem like an insular movie without a link to the main axis of phase 4, Black widow it is more important than it seems. Pugh’s Yelena is also the symbol of a new generation of female characters.

The franchise began its journey through phase four with WandaVision and he reformulated his sense of the antihero from the essential. It was a risky move that, however, brought immediate benefits. The series became an instant hit.

When Falcon and the Winter Soldier reached the small screen, there were clear indications of something new on screen. Sharon Carter and Countess Valentina Allegra de Fontaine are villains on the fringes of power. As much as the other, they make it clear that Marvel wants to sustain its stories in good female characters.

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The same happens with the Sylvie from Loki, turned into the core of the series of the god of lies. Oddly enough, Tom Hiddleston’s variant of the character immediately became the most popular ever.

So Yelena’s presence in upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe projects, such as Hawk Eye and a possible sequel to Black widow, it is not accidental. Nor is it the result of the popularity of his character, who was called by early critics “anthological.” Is about a clear Marvel strategy so that the new heroines have a privileged space in the next proposals.

Could there be the possibility of a heroic female character saga in Marvel? Everything indicates that the most likely is yes.