There is a moment at the end of the movie Black Widow that has no explanation and from Marvel Studios they try to make sense.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie Black widow it has a lot of action, some humor and above all some very interesting characters. But surely the absolute star is Scarlett Johansson and it is precisely she who stars in a moment that the fans of Marvel studios because it remains half leaving a void in history.

At the end of Black Widow, Natasha romanoff is saying goodbye to his “family” just as the numerous troops of the Secretary of State Ross (William Hurt) are coming, she says she takes care of the situation. Since she is a fugitive wanted by the government for violating the Sokovia accords. Therefore, that moment between Ross and Black Widow should be quite tense. But the movie goes black and there is a time jump. So we do not know if he fights against Ross’s troops, if he flees or if he convinces them to let him continue on his way. But we know that Mason (OT Fagbenle) gives you a jet so you can get your friends out of jail. Therefore she is still a fugitive and that cut in that scene does not have an easy explanation.

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Director Cate Shortland has referred to that moment in the film.

“That was intentional, because we wanted to leave the question of how he would get away, rather than allow the audience to be exhausted by another fight.” Shortland explained during an interview. “We wanted to leave them up with the question of how did he use his wits? Because it did. And it was probably, I would say, that negotiated the way out of that situation. But I do not know”.

So not even Marvel studios you know what happened at that moment of the movie Black widow, although Ross is still in the Cinematic Universe, so we could see him at any time, so we should not rule out that he gives some explanation in a short sentence.

Black widow can currently be seen in cinemas and in the Disney Plus streaming platform with Premium access.