Beware of Clipboard Hijacking, so you can avoid it | Technology

Beware of Clipboard Hijacking, so you can avoid it |  Technology

It is clear that cybercriminals try to find any way to carry out their plans, although we are talking about parts of Windows that are quite basic. We must be careful with Clipboard Hijacking, a system to use the clipboard against us.

Any part of our system can be susceptible to cybercriminals trying to find vulnerabilities in order to exploit them.

Now it seems that Clipboard Hijackin is becoming fashionable, that is, the hijacking of the clipboard, which is commonly used to commit fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions.

But let’s see what exactly this way of acting of the friends of the alien is, so that we can better protect ourselves.

What exactly is Clipboard Hijacking?

As you well know, the clipboard is a buffer that is created to temporarily store information about what we have copied.

Well, the Clipboard Hijacking it is a practice that entrusts the victim’s clipboard, often replacing what was there with some type of malicious data.

Normally, these types of attacks are used to perform fraudulent cryptocurrency transactions. Throughout the process, the clipboard serves as the address of the wallet in which the cybercriminal is recorded.

With this, what they achieve is that the coins or tokens are transferred directly where they want, making the user only realize that the address is incorrect at the moment in which the assets do not appear in the intended destination, in the case that it is also dedicated to cryptocurrencies.

What if this ends up happening?

Although the user has never been in contact with the world of cryptocurrencies, the fact that our clipboard is hijacked can affect us in that every time we we copy some confidential data, such as something related to purchases, passwords or invoices, the person who controls this part of Windows will know it instantly.

If, for example, we enter the bank and it turns out that we copy some data to put it in a text file, all that you have on the clipboard, that is, more or less important bank data, will be likely to be stolen.

We may also be compromised because data copied can also be modified, that is, if we are going to pay someone and we put the address on the clipboard so that it takes us less time than if we copy it by hand, this can mean that at the moment in which the transaction is going to be carried out, we actually do it for them to the cybercriminal, since he will have changed it.

In short, if we are infected by this malware we can have a fairly high risk in terms of everything we copy to the clipboard, that is, one of the most used parts of Windows.

The safest area of ​​a company does not have to be the CEO’s office or the safe, but the Human Resources Department, and we are going to explain why.

Let’s avoid malware

Starting from the premise that no type of malware is good, we must be clear that we can prevent this type of software from being installed on the computer by following a series of recommendations that, if carried out, would greatly minimize the chances of becoming infected.

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These premises make malware less likely to reach our computer, including Clipboard Hijacking:

  • have common sense: In the vast majority of cases, malware depends on user interaction to install itself on the computer. This means that we must be very careful and only install software that we know its origin and trust that it has nothing else attached to it.
  • great antivirus: having a good antivirus is essential, since we do have detection and disinfection software that works correctly, in real time and with daily updates to keep in mind new types that may appear.
  • updates: but not only must the antivirus be up to date, but it is also important that the operating system is up to date, since it may be that some of the vulnerabilities through which the cybercriminals entered are from the system itself, and by updating it we have closed that door.
  • Official downloads onlys: It is advisable that the downloads that we make are always from official sites and that we do not use any third-party website, since many times the vulnerability itself may come from downloads from unreliable places.
  • Pay attention to transactions: if we use the computer for the world of cryptocurrencies, we must be extremely careful that the transactions we make are executed correctly, since, if this is not the case, it is best to stop everything related to this subject until the problem of the malware.

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Opera protects us against Clipboard Hijacking

Web browsers do not have any protection against clipboard hijacking, nor against anything related except Opera.

This browser, one of the best known and has been on the market for the longest time, announced the launch for the update that will have in early 2022, a new clipboard protection system that will be called Paste Protection.

Paste Protection It works automatically, although it can also be used manually, monitoring the clipboard to search for any type of crack at all times and closing it immediately. To know that we are protected, a pop-up window will appear in the right corner to warn you.

This protection will also display a new warning if an external application manages to change the content of the clipboard.

As you have seen, it is not so difficult to protect yourself from malware and specifically from hijacking our clipboard if we make the perfect mix between common sense and software that helps us keep our computer clean of all this malicious software.

But it is not only the clipboard that must be protected, but also our email, the network itself, the Windows operating system or browsers, since malware can be where you least expect it.

If we follow the best practices in terms of security, not doing silly things that are irrelevant, always using official sites, with common sense and using first-rate protection tools, it will be extremely difficult for malware to install itself on our system and steal the data from the clipboard.