Bethesda no longer has a Crunch culture

Bethesda no longer has a Crunch culture

Discussions related to the culture of crunch in video games they happen more and more often, especially since the disappointing launch of Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020 after months of intensive crunch from CD Projekt Red. However, Matt Booty Xbox says this issue has been fixed in Bethesdabecause they no longer have a work culture based on crunch.

According to a Kotaku report, this Thursday Matt Booty held a meeting with Xbox employees and defended Bethesda from comments about its work culture with crunch, saying that this no longer happens in the company because Microsoft takes very seriously the reports of labor exploitation.

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According to Matt Booty’s comments, it is unfair to say that only Bethesda has a crunch-based workplace culture, especially after new reports of labor exploitation that occurred during the development of Fallout 76, in 2018. According to Booty, these reports usually speak of past situations and do not reflect the current state of Bethesda’s work culture.

According to Kotaku, who say they saw the video of Matt Booty addressing his employees, the head of Xbox Game Studios says that looking back at the industry 10 years ago it would be unfair to say that only Bethesda suffered from crunch. Also, Microsoft acquired ZeniMax last year, so they now own Bethesda and claim to have done away with the crunch work culture.

I literally slept under my desk when I was starting my career. And we saw that as a badge of honor”, says Matt Booty, saying that he is not trying to justify the crunch that was in the industry, but to explain what was happening everywhere. Instead, Booty says he feels confident that Bethesda is not in a situation that forces its employees to crunch, as he has been in contact with company leaders.

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