We compile some of the best options if you are looking for playlists with music to dance for adults, electronic music or reggaeton classics or summer but also if you are looking for children’s songs to enjoy with the family or for a party with children where you want everyone to go on stage. There are many options available and all of them are free over the Internet.

Lists on Spotify

One of the most recommended options to find music to dance is to do it on Spotify. Spotify is free (although with premium version if you want to save the ads) and is available on all types of devices, making it a perfect option for any hassle-free party. We need to be registered and we can access from the computer browser or mobile phone or through the multiple apps offered: for Smart TV, for Android, for iOS, for Windows, for Amazon Fire … And, yes, you need to create an account with your email and password with which you will access the different playlists that you want to save and always have at hand.

We can search a large number of lists on Spotify if you are looking for where to find dance music. It will depend on the theme you want or even the year that interests you. From big 1980s hits in Spain to electronic music from 2002 or contemporary Latin hits.

Playlists and Genres

What we advise you within Spotify is that you go to “search” and here we can find the tab “Explore all”Which allows us to see all the lists that are available by default. We find categories such as summer, relaxation, exercise, hip hop, flamenco, dance and electronics, concentration, at home, decades or party. The latter can be a highly recommended option where we will find all kinds of songs … subgenre within “party” you can find “to dance”, “indie”, “latin”, “country …” If you play in “For dance“You will see all kinds of playlists created for you and with different themes: Electro Swing, Dance Classics, Pop Remix, Shuffle Syndrome …

Spotify to dance

We can choose any of these or we can simply go to the Spotify magnifying glass and search for “songs to dance to.” Not only will the playlists created by the platform itself appear, but also a list that other users have uploaded with compilations by countries, for summer hits, for decades, years, etc. We can choose the one that interests us or let ourselves be carried away by Spotify’s recommendations.

dance lists

Dance music on YouTube

Another free and recommended option is YouTube since it is a platform that we always have at hand and that is installed on almost all devices, in which you surely have an account and with which we do not need to download anything else. YouTube is a video platform and not so much for listening to music but it is a totally recommendable option. The only drawback is that we cannot put the videos in the background while we use the tablet or the computer if we do not have a Premium account, but we just have to let it play while we dance or connect it to a portable speaker, start it from the TV, etc. .

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We just have to go to YouTube and use the search engine to find what interests us. At the top of the video service, simply write “music to dance” and all kinds of playlists with dance songs of variable duration will appear … We can find lists of an hour, an hour and a half, and so on.


In addition, YouTube also has music to dance for the little ones in the house with collections of one or two hours with cartoons for children. For example, channel collections like Pinkfong, as Super Simple or as The clown plim plim. You simply have to use the YouTube search engine to find “Dance music for children” and you will see all the available options with compilations of all kinds such as the popular Cantajuegos, for example, or even Zumba classes for boys and girls.

Other websites and tools to listen to music

Although YouTube or Spotify are the most popular, they are not the only ones and there are other options if we are looking for free dance music that we will listen to on a mobile phone, tablet or in the browser for free.


Deezer is one of the main alternatives to Spotify that does not require any payment. It is a website with more than 73 millions of available songs, playlists and podcasts. And among those playlists we can find a lot of music of all kinds. You can sign up for free on Deezer to be able to listen to music of all kinds from any device: on the computer, on the mobile phone, on the television, on the tablet or on any other different device that is compatible.

Once inside Deezer and registered with email and password, we can search for the playlist we want. We can create custom playlists or we can get carried away by the Deezer recommendations by genres and themes to find party music or artists related to your tastes. In addition, we can also search for a specific author or singer to see their entire discography or related playlists.

welcome deezer


Another alternative to the previous ones is Soundcloud, a free website to listen to music and that allows us to listen to party music without paying anything. It has a premium plan for 5.99 euros per month but also a free option that allows us to use it free of charge on any device and promises us 200 million songs available in one of the most interesting catalogs for which we do not pay.

Not only are there songs that you already know but there are DJ mixes or improvisations if what you are looking for is electronic music to dance, for a night out.

Listen to free music on Soundcloud