best Kirby and the Forgotten Land power-ups

best Kirby and the Forgotten Land power-ups

One of the most recent titles of Nintendo, Kirby and the Forgotten Landhas brought a great series of changes to the franchise, although we have all been amazed at its great and new Bite mode, kirby He hasn’t been wasting time and has improved several of his fighting techniques, that’s why today, we will talk about 3 of our favorites.

kirby and his powers have evolved in an incredible way, I would even like to say that they managed to compensate for the wait for the new title, because we all thought that the great impact within this game would be the Bite modeHowever, kirby he has not settled for this, he has been training and now he is a “powerful support”.

3.Meta Knight Sword

When you will notice his changes the most, it will be while we face each other in the Colosseum, and whether you are a novice or amateur player, Kirby’s great maneuver improvements to reach his maximum potential, are remarkable, since after giving to Meta Knight his iron-clad suit offers you great power.

The power of his sword helps push, slash, and shove enemies to death, so kirby with the armor Meta Knight drop, equipped with little wings to boot, allows her to dish out even more powerful attacks imbued with a dark purple color, an aura that bursts into bats, plus her sword swings are charged and jump attacks swing with much more strength behind their bows.

2. Homing Bomb

We know that if we join kirby plus a bomb, it would be a divine combination against enemies, especially when you are in a corner against the bosses, or when you achieve its evolution, which helps you to chain several bombs together, since they have given it a third evolution in homing bomband it comes full of power.

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homing bomb not only does it work like its previous evolutions in its spam and damage, it also goes the extra mile by patrolling the area for enemies, so once you set eyes on a target it makes a break for them and ka powcomplete annihilation, in addition, this attack is fast and reliable with any enemy.

1. Noble Ranger

This will quickly become your default power, due to how versatile she is with crowd control and how powerful her charged shot is when hitting bosses in the air, her dual wield pistols are a power that helps. in any situation, so woe to the one who dares to come across kirby.