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best app to maintain your Mac

best app to maintain your Mac

CleanMyMac is, without a doubt, one of the most used apps for keep our Mac up to date. Not only because it allows, with a click, to get rid of all that garbage that the computer accumulates as time goes by; we too It allows us to monitor that Malware does not enter us or, simply, uninstall apps without leaving a trace.

Although the main function of CleanMyMac is to carry out maintenance and cleaning tasks for the operating system, with each update its developers add new functions that make the app an all-in-one for monitoring the Mac. In this sense, its latest update is undoubtedly one of the most interesting for all those who want to go further.

The latest version of CleanMyMac (currently in beta) has included some very cool functionality in its little macOS menu bar app. Although this functionality has always been active since its launch, the truth is that now it has a more special use.

The company has added five real-time Mac monitoring features that are especially handy: information about your Mac’s storage, malware protection status, CPU performance, RAM, and battery. And each of them displays additional information when you click.

In this way, each of the additional monitoring systems now includes new features and more precise information on the status of the different components of our Mac.

For example, the new CPU monitor not only shows the processes that currently occupy the most processing demand without the need to resort to the activity monitor, also additional information from its sensors such as temperature, the time it has been on, or a load history as we use apps.

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The battery, on the other hand, is capable of giving precise information on the charging cycles, its temperature, or the current charging time. While it’s information the Mac already provides via the Finder’s “About This Mac” menu’s system report, it’s always welcome to have on hand. Especially since it is an additional function that will include CleanMyMac and that will be a click away.

Free Trial CleanMyMac

CleanMyMac X is an all-in-one solution to keep your Mac running smoothly. It cleans tons and tons of useless files with a single objective: that your computer recovers the speed of the first day.

CleanMyMac is only available on macOS

Without a doubt, a very interesting update that will reach all users soon. However, if you want to try it now, just download CleanMyMac and activate Beta updates of the application. You will have all the advanced monitoring features available from the menu bar and, with one click, access to all the information on your Mac in real time.