Beer, Tinto de Verano or Sangria? What is the most fattening drink

Beer, Tinto de Verano or Sangria?  What is the most fattening drink

Are the classic summer terraceo drinks that most define the summer throughout our country, with its regional exceptions. Seductively refreshing drinks when the heat is more intense, converted into a symbol of the holidays or the afternoon after the suffocating intensive day. But behind their light appearance, they are still alcoholic beverages that can also add a lot of calories.

And it is precisely in its virtues that its risks lie. They are very appetizing drinks that feel great when thirsty and temperatures rise, linked to those moments of leisure in the company of friends or family in which time stands still and the afternoons lengthen to infinity. Without realizing it, we can end up chaining too many drinks, with the false illusion that they are much lighter drinks than a cocktail.

The truth is alcohol is never recommended and there is no healthy consumption of it; its alleged potential benefits will never be outweighed by the detrimental effect of the alcoholic content. Having this clear, we can choose less harmful options that, in addition, are less caloric.

Because the alcoholic content is directly related to energy, the calories, which provides a drink, without forgetting that these increase when we add sugary soft drinks. Knowing the composition of each summer drink we will know which ones have more alcohol, and also which ones are the most fattening.

Approximate nutritional composition of summer drinks

It is difficult to establish exact figures in the breakdown of the nutritional composition of these drinks, since it depends a lot on the brand or the homemade recipe. We have gathered approximate data taking as an example some of the most popular brands on the market, as well as the information published by the BEDCA, the OCU and our colleagues at vitonic.

These are figures that always refer to 100 ml of producta much smaller amount than is usually ingested in a consumption of any beverage.

Factors that increase calories and alcohol

Of the basic alcoholic beverages, let’s say, lager-type blonde beer is one of the fermented beverages of lower alcohol content, which also has no added sugars -or shouldn’t-. Therefore, it also has a reduced caloric content.


Red wine is more caloric, with between 70-100 kcal per 100 ml, and an alcohol content that can vary from 8% to 14%. To make Tinto de Verano or Sangria, it is normal to use a young wine that does not raise the alcohol as much.

The total alcohol is reduced by lowering the drinks with soda or lemon soda, that’s why the clear ones are, in this sense, healthier. Nevertheless, they also add sugar, which depending on the proportion and the brand can be very high. The same thing happens with any version of the Tinto de Verano, with the figures varying greatly depending on the manufacturer.

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The sangria is, by all accounts, the worst option. While the recipe can vary widely, this mixed drink mixes red wine with sugary soft drinks, juice, and often distilled spirits. In some cases, the total amount of sugar is skyrocketed to hide the mediocre quality of the other ingredients.

Without alcohol and without sugars, the best option


Taking all of the above into account, a clear beer with soda It is the best option of all, which will improve significantly if we use carbonated water or soda without sugar, if we do not want to give up the sweetest touch, with sweeteners.

Of course, much healthier will be the white soda no sugar and no alcoholBetter if we make it homemade to control the ingredients and the proportion to our liking.

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