Beans, fabas, beans, kidney beans … whatever you call them, 29 recipes for you

Beans, fabas, beans, kidney beans … whatever you call them, 29 recipes for you

Legumes are an ingredient that has many varieties, almost one in each region. Today we want to dedicate ourselves to one of those with the most denominations. Beans, beans, beans, kidney beans, beans, beans … whatever you call them, we have more than 30 recipes for you.

The list of names for these legumes could go on because depending on the varieties and areas, we also have the broad beans, the pochas, the verdinas, the hives, the beans, the pints, the black ones, the red ones, the caparrones, the little faces… and the list could go on almost to infinity.

Of course, whatever variety they are, we love all kinds of beans and that is why I have prepared this compilation so that you have many recipes on hand for when you feel like it.

Beans, fabas, beans, kidney beans, beans …

Caparrones a la Riojana with their sacraments

There are many names and at the same time many varieties of this rich legume and in each area they are known in one way. In our country it is common to call them beans or fabas (fabes) in the north, White beans (pints, reds, etc) in the downtown area and beans in Andalusia and other regions.

In addition, the existence of local varieties such as Navarrese pochas, Rioja caparrones and many others, make that in general this legume can be eaten under very different names, depending on where we ask for it.

Cantabrian caricos in espresso pot

For example, in the Rioja area, we find this traditional recipe for red caparrones, made with black or red beans, which somewhat resemble the Caricos Cantabrians, which are another variety of red beans.

The most popular recipes in our country with this ingredient

Asturian bean stew pakus direct palate

Asturian bean stew in express pot

Surely the Asturian bean stew is the most popular of these recipes with beans / fabas, etc. Among our recipes, we give you two options, that of the traditional cooking of fabada with about three hours over low heat or that of fabada in 20 minutes made with a pressure cooker. How are you doing on time?

How to cook fresh beans in Navarre.  Recipe

White beans with ribs and chorizo

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The day before, we soak the beans in plenty of water. In the fast pot we put two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and brown the pork rib slices so as not to cook them raw.

Add the bacon cut into cubes and the chorizo ​​cut into slices and the drained white beans. We cover with abundant water, which is enough to cover everything loosely. We also add the bay leaf, half a dessert spoonful of paprika and optionally, some black pepper berries. Bring to a boil and close the pressure cooker.

We leave the pressure in the second ring or circle and we count 20 minutes from when the valve sounds. We turn off the heat and let it cool inside the pot so that it can finish cooking with the remaining heat and pressure.

Beans Ribs Express Collage 1 1

We open the pressure cooker and serve the beans with ribs in generous portions, warning that it is a unique dish so that everyone can enjoy it without reserving for a second course and allowing whoever wants to repeat.

The best recipe for beans with clams, the great Asturian legume dish

Other traditional recipes with beans and cold meats

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Any more common in homes throughout our country than the recipe for beans with chorizo, which we can make in a simple version with the help of the Thermomix, with this recipe from María José.

Another classic is the Tolosa beans, a variety of color between black and purple that pulls more towards that second tone, once cooked. Here you can find the recipe, perfect for when they are in season.

judiones farm sacramentos pakus

Farm beans with their sacraments

Considering its size, beans are transformed into beans or hives when they exceed a certain size. The beans from the Farm are a classic that is served with the so-called Sacramentos, the classic mixture of cold meats, chorizo, blood sausage, bacon and meat. They are also perfect for cooking in a vinaigrette, as in this recipe from a few years ago.

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With meat products, seafood or whatever we want

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We can mix the beans with all kinds of ingredients. Not only with meat products – usually pork (chorizo, blood sausage, meat) – but with fish, vegetables and mushrooms. A good recipe is this bean stew with squid in its ink, which you will surely like very well, or the classic beans with clams that you are sure to enjoy these cold and rainy days.

beans with prawns

White beans with prawns recipe

I also recommend another recipe that also combines shellfish and beans. It is about these beans with prawns, my son’s favorite recipe that you have on the table in less than 15 minutes.

Recipes with some specific varieties of these legumes

There are some varieties of beans or beans that occur in certain geographic areas, such as pochas waves verdinas, more common in the northern half of our country, or the fesols, typical of the Autonomous Community of Catalonia. We have also made recipes with these products in Directo al Paladar.

pochas navarra pakus direct palate

Pochas a la navarra recipe

The pochas are very tender beans, that we can cook in a classic way to the Navarrese with this recipe, make the pochas with ribs, one of my favorite variations, or also with a classic recipe from the La Rioja area, the pochas with quails, another unforgettable dish that is always welcome at home.

verdinas carabineros

Verdinas recipe with red prawns

As for the verdinasWe love them with seafood such as verdinas with red prawns, which you have on this paragraph, or the ones we recently made with boletus, a very autumnal recipe for a spoon dish that I recommend you try soon. You are also going to love these greenish legumes if you cook them with clams and prawns or in this recipe for verdinas with prawns and fried artichokes.

The fesols of Santa Pau, characteristics and uses in the kitchen


Fesols de Santa Pau recipe with sausage and mushrooms

The fesols are similar To the beans, in the sense of the delicacy of their cooking and very subtle flavor, and in this recipe for fesols with sausage and mushrooms we cook them in a traditional way until obtaining a tender legume like few others.

octopus face beans

Faceted beans with octopus

Another variety of this type of legumes are face beans or face beans, white, with a classic black spot in the center and small in size. With them Carmen prepared some face beans with octopus that I still remember as delicious when I made them at home following her recipe.


Brazilian feijoada recipe

As for the beans or beans, denominations latinas of this type of legume, we find delicious recipes for feijoada, the national dish of Brazil or these original Mexican casseroles of beans and chicken that will undoubtedly also captivate you.

Do not limit yourself to eating them only in spoon dishes

baked beans

Baked beans with feta cheese, tomato and couscous

Legumes in general and beans in particular They are excellent as a spoon dish in stews and stews, but they also give a lot of play in salads, side dishes, and other less common recipes. For example, these Baked Beans with Tomato and Feta Cheese will very pleasantly surprise everyone who tries them.

bean salad

Pochas in salad

You will also like them in recipes of beans with pasta, in salads of all kinds, among which I love the bean salad with cod that you have on these lines and in many other different recipes for salads with legumes.

Tuscan beans

Tuscan Beans with Black Garlic Recipe

Other recipe very different from the usual ones What we always do is this one of beans with sausages and sage, of Tuscan inspiration that Liliana taught us, in which she also uses black garlic, thus giving it a very special touch of flavor.

The queen of legumes?

As you have been able to verify in these more than recipes of beans, fabas, beans, pochas, caricos, beans or kidney beans, beans can be the queens of legumes in terms of varieties, -much more than chickpeas or lentils, which also have their varieties. Which of these recipes have you craved the most?

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