We have been talking about a whatsapp function interesting and that has been developing for months. Today it is finally being deployed at the user level around the world and can be used. This is the option to share multimedia content in a single view. WhatsApp has just released an option with which you can send a photo and that the receiver can only view it once. After viewing it, it will disappear and it will not be possible to open it again. Of course, it is a function with which you must have great care.

WhatsApp does not warn of screenshots

The new feature is great and has good dynamics until you get to the point of screenshots. WhatsApp has included in its application a function that allows you to send single view private content, but it has not put any control so that this content is not stolen or captured.

The single display image receiver can make a screenshot or video without the issuer knowing. This means that nobody assures you that the content you send by this method is private and will not leave the conversation.

The good news is that WhatsApp alerts the first time you use itAlthough if you do not read the message you could be making a mistake when sending certain content. Other platforms such as Instagram or Snapchat do issue a screenshot warning when the recipient captures the image, but WhatsApp has decided not to.

The summary? Using this function does not no extra privacy or peace of mind: if the recipient wants, they can save the photo or video without your consent and without your knowledge. If WhatsApp does not change its mind and launches a capture notice, we recommend using the function only for images that are not compromised, otherwise you could be surprised in the future.

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Send single view photos on WhatsApp it’s a danger if you’re not careful.