Be careful with sending certain WhatsApp Stickers: they can close your account

Be careful with sending certain WhatsApp Stickers: they can close your account

Do you use the WhatsApp Stickers in your conversations? It was one of the best additions to the app and its use is incredibly useful, but you have to be careful with certain behaviors. If you think that WhatsApp is a messaging application that allows you to talk about anything and send any type of content, you are very wrong. The use of some stickers It could cause your account to be closed temporarily or even forever. These big emojis are not free from the eyes of WhatsApp and they can cause headaches.

Do not send Stickers that go beyond the line

The problem, and advantage, of WhatsApp Stickers is that they are free, without a filter. Any user can download an application, create your own stickers and send them through the application. No matter what is on the sticker, WhatsApp will allow you to use it. This may lead to a penalty by the service.

The WhatsApp rules are clear and say the following:

  • You must access and use our Services only for legal, authorized and acceptable purposes. You will not use (or help others to use) our Services in a way that: (a) violates, misappropriates or infringes the rights of WhatsApp, our users or third parties, including the rights of privacy, publicity, intellectual or industrial property, rights of author or other proprietary rights; (b) are illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, intimidating, harassing, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive, or promote or encourage illegal or inappropriate conduct, such as promoting violent crime, exploiting or endangering children or coordinating harmful behaviors.
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You can send content that is racial, offensive or that promotes illegal behavior, but be careful with doing so. WhatsApp will allow you, but there is also the possibility that at any time close your account for a while or forever.

Why are stickers a problem? It is easy find stickers that swarm on WhatsApp with high offensive content or that goes beyond the line. You may be sharing them to be funny or to do black humor, something that could take its toll on you.

If WhatsApp inspects your account and realizes that the stickers you send do not comply with its Terms of Service can close your account. A sticker is not very different from an offensive image or message, so not exempt from bans.

So now you know, if you share very offensive content through stickers it may be better to stop if you want to keep your whatsapp account.