The bank’s credit recovery is due to higher domestic demand in the country, which has been reflected in consumer confidence.

The placement of credit cards increased by 59% in the second quarter of the year compared to the same period of 2020 and the billing with plastics increased 31%.

The general director of BBVA Mexico said that this year they hope to achieve a record in the placement of new cards, with more than one million plastics. As of June, the bank had granted 616,000.

In payroll and personal credit, there was an increase of 34% and mortgage credit increased 49%. “This already begins to reflect again the confidence of the families for new credit”, assured the manager.

Another way in which the bank has seen the economic reactivation is in the reflection of transactions in point of sale terminals (POS) that had an annual growth of 18.1%.

The bank’s past due portfolio was 2.4% and net income grew 30.7% to 25,895 million pesos.

The bank’s earnings in Mexico represented 48.2% of the bank’s revenues globally.