The Nintendo Direct has given its final bell with one of the most anticipated titles for recent years. It has been more than two years since it was officially announced that Bayonetta 3 was in development, and, with a pandemic crisis involved, it has not been until now that we have seen images of this third installment. And they have done it with a trailer of more than three minutes.

The return of the witch in this third installment and it is a fact. Platinum Games has taken some time to reveal this on orders from Nintendo, and what we have seen of this game shows why the developers were asking for peace of mind in the face of the waiting time. Now, with the images that we find in this new trailer, there is no doubt that this title will satisfy all fans of the saga.

The only but is that we still do not know a specific release date, although now we know that will arrive in the year 2022. Therefore, we will have to be aware of the information that specifies its final departure date.

Bayonetta 3 reappears with a spectacular trailer