Battlegrounds to become Free to Play

Battlegrounds to become Free to Play

From Today leaves Xbox Game Pass PUBG: Battlegrounds, this due to its plans to become a Free to Play, which has been reported to be from January 12, two days after its departure from Microsoft’s service. And it is that a new era of gaming is on the horizon for PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, with the change to the service model that was announced during The Game Awards 2021, the original boomer for the Battle Royale genre.

Under the new service plans, players will be introduced to BATTLEGROUNDS Plus, an optional premium account upgrade that provides access to exclusive new in-game features. Players who choose to upgrade will still have most of the game’s features with their basic account, but will receive a number of add-ons for a one-time payment. And this is the reason why PUBG: Battlegrounds is leaving Xbox Game Pass today.

PUBG changes its name and will be temporarily free for next week

Today leaves Xbox Game Pass PUBG: Battlegrounds

Since today he leaves Xbox Game Pass PUBG: Battlegrounds, it is worth remembering that those who have purchased and played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS prior to their transition to an F2P service will receive a free reward on your own in the form of a special commemorative pack, which includes the Battle-Hardened Suit Skin Set, Shackle and Shanks Legacy Skillet, and Battle-Hardened Legacy Nameplate along with BATTLEGROUNDS Plus, which will improve account status.

PUBG and 6 other games will leave Xbox Game Pass in early January 2022

If you are interested in this additional content and have not yet purchased the game, this is your last opportunity to do so with the discount offered by Xbox Game Pass for the purchase of the games that are in its catalog. Prior to the game’s transition to F2P on January 12, 2022, players can pre-register on the website from the company to receive free items on the day of the update.

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