So it seems that Battlefield would be free next week. The past few weeks have been an important one for the Battlefield franchise as EA and DICE are gearing up for what appears to be the franchise’s biggest game to date. Officially revealed in early June, Battlefield 2042 takes players into a near future where the world is on the brink of catastrophe between all-out war, limited resources, and a planet that seems to fight back with massive destructive forces.

A new entry has recently been published on the official blog that delves into even more interesting details, such as the how AI works when filling the serversas well as the ability to customize Battlefield 2042 payloads and specialists. Most interestingly, as part of the celebration, Battlefield would be free next week.

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Battlefield would be free next week

Battlefield would be free next week

For players who want to get in on the action of Battlefield in the months remaining before the game’s launch, the expert Tom Henderson you may have good news. In a recent tweet, Henderson advises players not to purchase Battlefield 1, as it looks like the game will be downloadable for free next week. Given the the EA Play will also take place next week, this promotion is likely to coincide with the event in a special announcement.

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Fans will have to wait to see if this rumor is confirmed, however. Henderson has a long history of leaks and rumors, especially related to the Battlefield franchise. The platform for which the game will be available is unclear, though. So it could be real that Battlefield would be free next week.

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