Battlefield 2042 update 4.1 is out now, and here’s all it includes

Battlefield 2042 update 4.1 is out now, and here’s all it includes

The work of DICE and Ripple Effect Studios with Battlefield 2042 is not being easy at all. After a disastrous launch, due to the state in which the title was, it has greatly hampered the possible success that could be expected from a franchise that was called to compete face to face with Call of Duty. However, this has not prevented the studios behind the title from giving up, and since yesterday Battlefield 2042 Update 4.1 Now Available.

This has been done official Electronic Arts through a statement on the official blog of the gamewhere he confirmed that this new update has been available since yesterday, Tuesday, May 17, and that it brings some key changes related to the power of weapons, or the All-Out Warfare playlists, removing Advance 128 from the options of Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5 and PC.

Battlefield 2042 update 4.1 is now available

As we have mentioned, it seems that the Battlefield team is quite aware of the work that remains to be done with the game, and a good example of this is the great number of news that have come with the update 4.1 of Battlefield 2042. Here is a brief summary of some of these developments.

Fixes, changes and improvements


  • Adjustments to Aim Sensitivity on vehicles and Free Look Sensitivity on transport vehicles will now always correctly apply their effects.
  • Improved aim assist when aiming at moving targets.
  • Aim assist should no longer recognize targets through thin obstacles.
  • When you don’t rank up, you should no longer see the “You’ve Promoted” screen during the end of the round.
  • Reduced input latency on all platforms.
  • Adjusted the weight of the trigger to make the control more sensitive when making successive presses.


  • The narration voice for the Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 3 experiences has been remastered and now includes new radio sound effects.

Battlefield Portal

  • Specialists will now properly display animations on the end of round screen in Battlefield Portal modes.
  • The following changes have been made to the Battlefield Creator Endgame templates to align with our offering of featured experiences.
    • HUD has been enabled in Extreme templates.
    • The minimap and compass have been disabled in the Extreme templates.
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battlefield 2042 season 1


In this update we are going to include various updates to the All-Out Warfare rotations. The main change is the removal of the 128-player version of Advance. In reviewing the experiences available in All-Out Warfare, we feel that the 128-player modes are more suited to Conquest, where the playing spaces are larger and it’s more natural to accommodate freer gameplay.

In the 128-player mode of Preview, we believe that the value and impact of each individual person and squad is diminished by the increased intensity and chaos of combat.

Electronic Arts highlights Vince Zampella’s role in rebuilding Battlefield 2042

In reviewing Preview, we’ve noted that the 64-player version represents a more tactical experience. Reducing the number of players helps take some of the chaos out of the experience and, along with the reductions in the number of available combat vehicles, helps players better defend the front lines more effectively. In addition, you will find more space to work as a team and fulfill each individual role.

As a result, Advance 64 patrols have a better chance of working as a team, flanking the enemy, setting up a spawn beacon, using the Weapon menu to attach silencers, clearing and defending a point… which can lead to a single patrol changing the course of the battle. We believe that the change to 64 players will bring back the rhythm that leads to great moments of teamwork when pursuing the objective; and we’ll be looking to see if the changes help improve the experience heading into Season 1.

Battlefield 2042 was going to have tsunamis, fire tornadoes and volcano eruptions in the first instance


  • Update 0.4.0 introduced an unintended change to the behavior of some weapons due to using incorrect values ​​in their damage tables. In this update we’re bringing back the behavior as designed, so you should see a general improvement in weapon performance.
  • The impact of attachments on recoil has been reduced, and the base recoil of weapons has been improved to compensate. This means that weapons without attachments now handle better.
  • Holding breath with bolt action sniper rifles now lasts for a maximum of 5 seconds, with an added 5 second penalty if used fully.
  • Lower barrel attachments no longer affect weapon deployment speed.
  • The overall horizontal recoil of TD rifles has been reduced.
  • Sidearms now deploy faster.