As you surely already know, Battlefield 2042 not having the best reception out there, and things inside EA they are going to get even worse. We say this because one of the main developers for the aforementioned title left his position earlier today.

Fawzi Mesmar, Head of Design at DICE who was in charge of supervising the franchises of Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront, announced that as of today he will no longer be working inside the studio. In an email retrieved by VGC, Mesmar explained the following:

“It was an enormous pleasure working with the best design team in the entire galaxy. The incredible work they continue to do on a daily basis inspires me. Thank you for trusting me, I hope I have not disappointed you.

They made me an offer that I couldn’t resist at another company, who were kind enough to wait until Battlefield 2042 hit the market. It was super important for me to be here with the team as we reached this historic milestone. ”

Apparently, Mesmar had already had conversations with other executives within HE SAYS about his departure, so the chaotic launch he had Battlefield 2042In theory, it would have had nothing to do with this decision.


Editor’s note: It is highly suspicious that Mesmar has left EA DICE at this very moment. I mean, it’s perfectly believable that he found something better, but after what happened with Battlefield 2042, it’s impossible not to misjudge the situation.

Via: VGC

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Battlefield 2042 Chief Designer Leaving EA

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