Batman revealed to be bisexual

Batman revealed to be bisexual

Batman He is one of the most emblematic characters in popular culture. In this way, it should not be a big surprise to see constant changes to the Dark Knight’s personality and history. Each new writer presents us with unique ideas that reflect a different social and cultural context. It is so a recent comic has confirmed that Bruce Wayne is bisexual.

The month of January began to be published Batman: The Knights, a new story with Chip Zdarsky in charge of the script, and illustrations by Carmine Di Giandomenico. Although the first four volumes were not so special, the most recent, which was published this month, has caused a furor on social networks, since it presents us with a scene where Bruce Wayne was about to kiss Anton, a high school friend. However, this condition did not materialize, since a person interrupted the intimate moment that was presented to us.

This was how the fans reacted to this news.

“Batman has potentially just been confirmed as bisexual, that’s great.

You just know that some of THOSE people are going to act like that and completely ruin the character.”

“Batman is so supportive of his bisexual son that he bonded with him.”

Although the scene itself does not mention that Bruce Wayne is bisexual, there is no need for that. The composition and the context make it clear that there is quite a strong feeling between the Dark Knight and Anton. Considering that this story is still ongoing, we will surely learn more about this facet of the beloved character in the future.

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Editor’s Note:

It’s good to see Batman being portrayed in new ways. Although there will surely be several who are against this decision, the revelation of his sexuality is well handled, and it seems that it will have a fairly large weight in the future of this story.

Via: Screenrant