Batman movies, cartoons and more

Batman movies, cartoons and more

Year: 2019

Theme: Action, superheroes

Duration: One hour and 56 minutes

Age: For over 18 years old

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batman movies

We cannot imagine the Batman movies without the best-known villain, so he is one of the fundamental pieces of the superhero films in Gotham.


A classic that you will surely remember if you are forty years old. A Tim Burton tape where the origin of the Joker was told and in which Jack Nicholson brought the villain to life. Released in 1989 based on the homonymous comic, it tells us how the city of Gotham is increasingly insecure until the arrival of the superhero. One of the first films in which the Joker appears if you want see them in chronological order and if you want to see a movie classic.

Platform: HBOMax

Year: 1989

Duration: two hours and one minute

Theme: Superheroes, Classics

Age: For over thirteen years

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The dark knight

Directed by Christopher Nolan It is one of the favorites of many and Christian Bale’s Batman was faced by the Joker played by Heath Ledger. One of the best and an essential film that comes closest to the idea that many have about this villain with a “clown” face. Batman wants to continue his fight against organized crime in Gotham but Joker will appear to make it difficult for him. In this tape, Ledger won the Oscar for best supporting actor as well as the Golden Globe, BAFTA Award, etc. We will see the best Joker in cinema in these two and a half hours of film, almost certainly and unanimously among anyone who has seen all the movies on this list.

Platform: HBO MAX

Year: 2008

Theme: superheroes, action, drama

Duration: Two hours and thirty minutes

Age: For over thirteen years

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dark Knight

Other movies

Beyond Batman or the classic movies, there are other films in which we also find the figure of the Joker.

suicide squad

Beyond the Batman movies, we can see others in which the Joker appears in the cinema and one of them is Suicide Squad, released in 2016, and focusing on the supervillain team of the superhero franchise. The cruelest villains are recruited to face an alien visit. They will be in charge of saving the world and facing this difficult mission. Here Jared Leto gives life to a Joker continually criticized and even nominated for worst supporting actor at the Razzie Awards.

Platform: HBOMax

Year: 2016

Theme: Action, superheroes

Duration: About two hours and eight minutes

Age: For over thirteen years

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Zack Snyder’s Justice League

In 2021, Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie premiered on HBO Max where we can also see the Joker. Specifically, played by Jared Leto. The new version of Zack Snyder of the film released in 2017 came to the streaming platform with a duration of four hours and with a luxury cast in which we see Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa or Ezra Miller. Bruce Wayne will recruit a new team tasked with protecting the world from a major threat. In it we will also see the criticized Leto giving life to the clown.

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Platform: HBOMax

Premiere: March 18, 2021

Duration: Three hours and 52 minutes

Theme: Superheroes / DC Comics

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If you are looking for cartoons or just want to see other versions of the Joker different from the previous ones, there are many possibilities and many movies where the clown villain has been shown. From the film version of The Killing Joke to a LEGO toy Joker that will make us laugh more than fear.

the killing joke

Alan Moore’s graphic novel It was launched in the eighties and is one of the essentials for any fan of the genre, of comics. Essential in book format and with its film version in a Warner Bros movie released in 2016. Hero and villain face to face, evil and good, but with many similarities between the two in an applauded and brilliant story that you can see in a movie of about an hour and a quarter.

Platform: HBOMax

Year: 2005

Duration: One hour and thirteen minutes

Theme: Based on comic

Age: For over thirteen years

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the killing joke

Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

Another of the cartoon movies that we can see on HBO max is Batman Beyond: The Return of the Joker. He tells us how the Joker returns to Gotham to destroy the former Batman Bruce Wayne. But ending him will not be the end because a new Dark Knight will appear to rescue the one who has been his mentor. A cartoon movie from the year 2000 that we can watch with children or teenagers if we are interested in Joker movies and want to introduce them to all the sagas in which this character appears.

Platform: HBOMax

Year: 2000

Theme: Superheros

Duration: One hour and thirteen minutes

Age: For over thirteen years

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Batman: The LEGO Movie

The fun LEGO toys They have versions of multiple superheroes or classic sagas such as Star Wars and Batman is one of the most recommended for all audiences and if we want to have a good time. Released in 2017, it tells us how Batman must learn to work as a team to save the city from the dangerous villain, the Joker. Although it may seem that there is no merit in getting one of the “best Jokers” in cinema, Zach Galifianakis gives voice to this character who continually shows us the need for a good villain for a good hero to exist.

Platform: Movistar+

Year: 2017

Duration: One hour and 44 minutes

Age: For ages seven and up

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