Batch cooking menu to prepare all weekly meals in a short time and in a healthy way

Batch cooking menu to prepare all weekly meals in a short time and in a healthy way

Cooking more at home and tasting homemade preparations every day is key to improving the quality of our diet and protecting our health. However, lack of time is usually a very difficult obstacle to overcome, which is why you propose to sign up for the batch cooking and we leave a menu with various recipes included that will allow resolve all weekly meals in a healthy way and in a short time.

Healthy batch cooking menu

Batch cooking proposes to maximize the use of resources by resorting to similar ingredients and cookingbeing key the previous organization of a menu to later make a purchase of food and that we lack nothing at the time of cooking.

In this case, we use as sources of protein turkey breast and lean beef as well as, fish and shellfish diverse, these being fresh or canned if we seek to incorporate a greater variety of specimens and cook less.

To incorporate quality carbohydrates into the weekly dishes, in this case we turn to legume pasta and wholemeal pasta as well as, to quinoa and legumes diverse that will be accompanied by a great variety of fruits, vegetables and seasonal vegetables as much as possible.

With these ingredients and choosing healthy cooking methods, as well as anticipating that it is necessary to refrigerate or freeze the preparations made to taste throughout the week, we created the following bachoco kindergarten menu that can guide us at home:

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Healthy batch cooking: how to organize the purchase of food to cook in two hours for the whole week



As usual we recommend customizing the menu to get the most out of it, being able to repeat dishes throughout the week or substitute the preparation of one day for that of another, as well as modify recipes, portions and others.

We also advise label the prepared dishes in a way to consume them in the foreseen time and that the preparations do not expire without us noticing.

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