Bargain used cars (XXXV): Suzuki Vitara, FIAT 500e, Renault Arkana and much more

Bargain used cars (XXXV): Suzuki Vitara, FIAT 500e, Renault Arkana and much more

Are you going to buy a used car? Do not miss this selection of bargains. The second-hand car you are looking for is here and, above all, at the best price. We present a weekly collection of used cars. SUV, electric, 4×4, utility, sports… All the cars listed here stand out, among other things, for their sale price.

It’s Friday and, therefore, it’s time to enjoy in of a new installment of our Weekly collection of used cars that you cannot ignore. A selection of models from various categories and/or segments that are a real bargain in the eyes of the buyer. Among other issues is, as might be expected, a much more advantageous selling price compared to what the car would be worth if it were brand new.

But what second-hand cars will you find here? Sports, utility, SUV, electric, 4×4… Variety is crucial! Once this matter has been clarified, let’s not delay any longer and delve into this new compilation to make an extensive review of the models selected for the thirty-fifth edition of our weekly “chollometer” of used cars.

2020 Suzuki Vitara GLX MHEV 4×4

4×4 (SUV/Off-Road) – Suzuki Vitara

As is tradition, we begin the compilation by entering the perfect category for lovers of nature, the countryside and, ultimately, those who love getaways away from the big city. Vehicles with a 4×4 drive system allow you to take a whole series of licenses away from the asphalt. Whether they are conventional SUVs or off-roaders, they are a fantastic option to consider. Our choice is none other than the suzuki vitaraan SUV that continues to bet unapologetically on all-wheel drive.

suzuki is currently increasing its commitment to electrification. However, and in the process of transitioning towards sustainable mobility, the Japanese manufacturer has not given up its characteristic 4×4 drive. The Vitara, with all-wheel drive, has a starting price of €28,670 if we are looking for a brand new unit. Now, in the used market we can find very interesting bargains.

In our search we have found a unit registered in the year 2020 and that has traveled about 18,500 kilometers. It is equipped with a 129 hp gasoline engine associated with a manual gearbox and a 4×4 drive system. One of the keys to this engine is that it is electrified with light hybrid technology (MHEV) and, therefore, it bears the ECO environmental label of the DGT (General Directorate of Traffic) with all the mobility advantages that this entails. Its price? Only €24,900 cash. Here you can check all the details.

2021 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC+
2021 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC+

Sports – Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC+

We make a radical change in category and leave aside 4×4 vehicles to enjoy leisure and free time in the middle of nature, to enter the sports car segment. High-performance cars to enjoy unforgettable emotions behind the wheel while driving on a twisty road. The model we have opted for is signed by Mercedes-AMG and offers a very interesting point of balance between comfort and sportsmanship/high performance. Is he Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC+.

In the CLA range of Mercedes
we find many versions. However, the most performance and radical are those that bear the AMG seal. The Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 4MATIC+, which costs around €63,650 new, allows access to a vehicle with more than 300 hp without giving up certain features that make it perfectly suitable for daily use.

We present you a second-hand copy registered in 2021 and with less than 40,000 km. Under its hood there is a 306 hp gasoline engine associated with an automatic gearbox and a 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive system. In addition, it boasts extensive equipment. All this for just €56,990 if the purchase is paid in cash. A figure that can be reduced to €55,990 if you choose to finance as indicated in the sale announcement.

2020 FIAT 500e Icon 85kW
2020 FIAT 500e Icon 85kW

Electrical – FIAT 500e

Once again we make a radical change of category and, on this occasion, we plunge into the world of electrification at its highest level. The electric car is gaining prominence at an accelerated rate. Brands are betting very strongly on sustainable mobility and this translates into an increase in supply. The FIAT 500e
It is one of the most interesting electric of the moment.

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The 100% electric variant of the iconic city car from FIAT is a reality. In a short space of time, the FIAT 500e has positioned itself as the best-selling A-segment electric utility vehicle in Europe. However, its starting price is still quite high if we are looking for a brand new unit. From around €26,150 for the model with a small battery and around €31,350 for the version with a larger capacity battery. This is where used electric cars come into play.

This second-hand unit of the 500e was registered at the end of 2020 and has traveled about 10,500 km. It has a sedan body and is equipped with the highest capacity battery, so it homologates a range of 320 kilometers according to the WLTP cycle. In addition, it is configured with the Icon finish. The equipment is solvent. Its price? From €27,600 if we choose to pay in cash. In this link you can consult the rest of the information.

Renault Arkana 1.3 TCe 140 RS Line from 2021
Renault Arkana 1.3 TCe 140 RS Line from 2021

SUV – Renault Arkana

It’s time to put the spotlight on the format that is causing a sensation in new car sales. The so-called “SUV fever” is far from abating. Moreover, to date there is no data or indication that makes us think of a possible loss of terrain for the SUVs. One in two new cars sold in Europe are already SUV-type vehicles. The renault arkana
It is one of the new arrivals and is gaining great popularity, which is why it is our pick of the week.

The first SUV Coupe Renault
It is available from Spanish dealers from approximately €28,900. A price that, logically, is associated with the basic access configuration. The Arkana has generated a lot of interest and, despite having been on the market for a short time, it is already possible to find more affordable second-hand units compared to its brand new alternatives.

After conducting a quick search, we have come across an Arkana registered in April 2021 with about 21,500 km behind it. It is configured in the RS Line trim level and under its hood is an electrified 140 hp TCe petrol engine with mild hybrid technology. Therefore, it sports the ECO label. It has a cash price of only €27,925. This same new configuration has a cost of about €33,500. In the sale announcement you can consult all the details.

Peugeot 208 PureTech 100 Allure Pack from 2021
Peugeot 208 PureTech 100 Allure Pack from 2021

Utilities – Peugeot 208

We come to the end of this new weekly compilation by entering the last category. A category that is not less important because it is the last. Nothing is further from reality. Utilities, a segment in which we focus, play a leading role in urban mobility. They are perfect cars for our daily commutes and for dealing with urban environments. What model have we selected? Neither more nor less than peugeot 208. This utility was close to being the best-selling car in Europe in 2021. It was second, very close to the Volkswagen Golf.

peugeot You can boast of having a real bestseller in your portfolio. A benchmark for the competitive B-segment. It is a model that is enjoying extraordinary success throughout Europe. New has a starting price of about €16,750. Now, thanks to all the commercial trajectory that it has traveled, very interesting second-hand units can be found. Let’s take a look.

This used 208 was registered in the first quarter of 2021 and has driven approximately 30,000 km. Under its hood is a 100 hp 1.0 PureTech petrol engine associated with a six-speed manual gearbox and a front-wheel drive system. This engine offers an excellent balance between performance and efficiency. In addition, the unit is configured in the Allure Pack trim level, one of the most complete in the range. The spot price is set at €18,500. This figure can be reduced to €16,500 if you choose to finance the purchase, as you can see at this link.