Bargain Cancellation Realme Headphone Offer

Bargain Cancellation Realme Headphone Offer

This is an accessory similar to Apple AirPods, since they do not offer any binding or with the sound source while the elements that make up the product. Thus, it can be said that you will not find any impediment to wearing them for a long time, since they do not bother anything (something in which it helps a lot that they have a weight of only 5 grams): Right now, you can get them with a good discount in black color, since you only have to pay 54.99 euros Without adding anything for shipping costs in the case of having a Prime account. This is the link you have to use:

Noise cancellation essential in these helmets

Without a doubt this is one of the things that attracts the most attention in the accessory we are talking about. An example is that in microphones integrated, this possibility is included to isolate these conversations that you make when you receive a call to the phone (either iOS or Android) with which it is synchronized through technology Bluetooth 5.0. In this way, the passage of other people’s titles will not prevent you from maintaining excellent communication cleanliness.

But in addition there is also the possibility of using active noise cancellation when listening to music. This allows you to isolate yourself from anything around you and therefore not miss details of the dialogues of a series that you are watching with your phone or with that guitar pick of the song you like the most. In this section it should be noted that the product we are talking about is capable of working with frequencies ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and that the diaphragms are of 10 millimeters. Therefore, they are a completely valid product to listen to anything with a fairly high volume and if you suffer distortions that prevent you from enjoying it to the fullest.

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More positives about these realme Buds Air Pro

To begin with, we must talk about autonomy, a very important feature of wireless headphones. This is spacious enough thanks to the fact that the carrying case includes a battery that allows you to increase the use time 25 additional hours to the five that these realme Buds Air Pro offer by default. Therefore, we are talking about one of the most prominent models on the market in this section and, therefore, they will allow you to forget to carry a charger when you go out and even when you go out when you go to the end of week to town.

Realme Buds Air Pro case

Finally, it is important to note that to be a complete model it does not lack waterproof to this accessory and the possibility of being able to control the reproductions of the phones through gestures (which will avoid having to take it out of your pocket to be able to increase the volume or play an audio track). It is also very interesting that these sports helmets have a 94 ms latency, so they are an excellent complement when playing with smartphones, since the synchronization speed is very high.