Bandai Namco releases trailer for PAC-MAN WORLD: Re-PAC

Bandai Namco releases trailer for PAC-MAN WORLD: Re-PAC

Bandai Namco is working on a remastering of PAC-MAN WORLD called RePAC and through a new trailer it presented the graphic evolution of the game, with which they seek to bring PAC-MAN to the new generation. Bandai Namco has already started the presale with the limited edition figure of Chrome Noir PAC-MAN CHOGOKIN.

PAC-MAN World: 20th Anniversary is now over 20 years old since its release, so there are multiple generations of players who weren’t around during its original release. Bandai Namco’s plan is to bring PAC-MAN WORLD: RePAC to a new generation of players, as well as looking to offer the definitive edition for those who played the original installment.

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The remastering of PAC-MAN WORLD: RePAC was announced during Nintendo’s Nintendo Direct at the end of June, which focused on video game announcements developed by outside companies. Since then fans of the PS1 game have been waiting for news of the remaster.

The last time we’d seen a sneak peek of the game was in early July, when we saw Bandai Namco employees show off PAC-MAN WORLD gameplay. Re-PAC during Anime Expo 2022.

PAC-MAN WORLD was the first Pac-Man game to bring the series to the 3D platform adventure genre, and is also one of the most beloved games of the generation by fans of the genre. Thanks to the remastering PAC-MAN WORLD: RePAC can reach a new generation of gamers.