Bandai Namco gives away a royal sword from Elden Ring to a player and other gifts

Bandai Namco gives away a royal sword from Elden Ring to a player and other gifts

Klein Tsuboi, the legendary player better known as Let Me Solo Her, has received a real Elden Ring sword and other items by publisher Bandai Namco. The beloved figure is known for helping players defeat the final boss Malenia by fighting her single-handedly and wearing only a flask as a hat. The famous Elden Ring player has become a multiplayer legend, and now Bandai Namco has officially recognized the folk hero.

First appearing shortly after the release of Elden Ring, Let Me Solo Her quickly rose to fame thanks to her undeniable skill and questionable fashion sense. As the name suggests, Let Me Solo Her became famous for defeating Malenia one on one. as his cooperative allies watched in amazement. Given his fame, it makes sense that Bandai Namco gifted him with a royal sword from the Elden Ring.

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Elden Ring Royal Sword

Tsuboi also refused to wear armor, instead using speed and agility to survive the Goddess of Rot’s sword strikes. Following his promotion to Legend status, Tsuboi began broadcasting his victories against Malenia for the Elden Ring community to enjoy. Later, in May 2022, Let Me Solo Her restarted Elden Ring after their 1,000th win against Miquella’s Blade.

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A Klein Tsuboi’s Twitter post showcases an impressive collection of physical relics, including a real sword from the Elden Ring, sent to him by Bandai Namco. The stunning case includes a wood carving of Malenia, Tsuboi’s nemesis, a physical map of the Midlands, and an illustration of the jug-wielding warrior. A physical sword, engraved with the phrase “Rise, Tarnished”, is the crown jewel of this Elden Ring collection.

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