Bags of pesto and scallops. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

Bags of pesto and scallops.  Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

Easy, fast and original. This is how these pesto and scallop sachets can be defined, a dish that is prepared with four things and that is ideal as a starter. If we are also lucky enough to coincide with the capture of the Galician scallop, which is closed during the summer months, we will enjoy them twice as much. And if we do not find them fresh in the market, we always have the resource of frozen scallops, which for these sachets would be perfect for us.

The pesto that I have used for the recipe in this case is bought, but you can prepare it at home because it is very simple, I leave the link at the end of the post for those who want to make it homemade. I know needs very little quantity for these sachets, that is why I have opted for pesto “from the boat”, as I did not plan to make another recipe soon where I needed it and the purchased one is better kept in the fridge.

We will start by preheating the oven to 180ºC. Melt to simmer in a small saucepan the butter, let it temper it a little. Chop the chives into very fine pieces.

Spread a sheet of phyllo dough and brush the entire surface with butter. Repeat this operation with the rest of the filo dough sheets. Divide it into six rectangles by cutting it with a sharp knife or a pizza cutter.

Place a bunch of chives in the center of each rectangle, on top of the two scallops with a pinch of salt and on top of them the teaspoon of coffee. Close the sachets. Place a baking sheet with parchment paper and bake them for 15 minutes, or until we see them golden brown.

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With what to accompany the sachets

These bags of pesto and scallops are important to take fresh out of the oven so that the dough is crisp. If you like cheese, a trick that works very well is to sprinkle grated Parmesan on top of each sheet of phyllo dough, after brushing it with the butter.

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