JJ Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot Productions, has decided to launch into the video game market. In 2018 he founded the branch specialized in this genre, Bad Robot Games, which apparently is already working on various multiplatform projects, some of them focused on survival horror. As stated in its official profile, its first title will be a new AAA IP, although the studio also wants to focus on multiplayer FPS experiences and also on horror and science fiction, which they define as their specialty. Something that is more than demonstrated with the cinematographic works of Bad Robot Productions, such as Joy Ride (Never play with strangers), Cloverfield and the series Alias, Lost or Fringe.

Bad Robot Games, developer JJ Abrams, works on new survival horror

Bad Robot Games is working on multiple games.

  • Your first game will be a new AAA IP.

  • They are looking for people with experience in FPS Online, multiplayer and games as a service.

  • Horror and science fiction.

  • Founded in 2018 by JJ Abrams, they seek to produce new types of games, original IPs and games based on already established IPs«.

At the moment it is unknown what they may be working on, but news and bets on new titles, in the world of video games, are always welcome. Especially their veers towards terror, the science fiction and survival horror; Niche genres that have never enjoyed a mainstream audience, although in recent years they are taking off and getting noticed. We hope that JJ Abrams and his team unveil something new about their projects this year, perhaps for E3 2022 or The Game Awards. And hopefully they make it to Xbox Game Pass.