Backgrounds can still be added for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Backgrounds can still be added for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Unfortunately, not long ago the possibility of buying video games in Nintendo 3DS Y Wii U by credit card, we had already been warned about this a few months ago. And with this news, it is said that you can add funds with prepaid cards, however, there is a way to continue adding money with credit or debit.

The process on this occasion is not so direct, since you are going to need a Switch to achieve this, because in the payment menu, either from the console or the web page, there is the possibility of merging balance. This means that the money you enter on the hybrid console will also be reflected on your previous consoles if you link the ID of nintendo network.

So if you are missing programs to buy, all you have to do is add funds from the current console or the web page with a linked account, and once this is done, go to the eshop of 3DS Y Wii U to start shopping. Even if you don’t have switch this is possible, because as mentioned, you just have to create an account Nintendo from the web.

In news related to Nintendo. Former Americas Division President, Reggie Fils-Aimecommented that perhaps f-zero could return in the future with a new release. If you want to know what their points of view are, we leave you a link straight to the full note.

editor’s note: This method of adding funds has been known for quite some time, although for some reason many have forgotten it. However, it is very good that they remind us to be able to acquire those titles that we need in the digital store.

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