We are in the midst of the Black friday. Although in Spain we like to do things in a big way and we have gone from lasting a day to a week and even a month. The problem is that we are facing supply problems and many products are not available. In addition, with a world increasingly aware of climate change, it is appropriate to think of alternatives. At Back Market they offer competitive prices and a second life for a multitude of reconditioned items.

This also has a clear advantage, you do not have to wait for offers from the Black friday since their offers are permanent. Thus, we just have to know what we are looking for and see if they have that article or another that can play the role. In addition, we do not take any risk, the objects have a 12-month warranty and a 30-day withdrawal period. Thus, if a gift does not meet expectations, it can be returned.

What is the circular economy?

The circular economy It is not a new term, as is often the case. Already in the 80s there was talk about it to describe a system where the environment and the economy were in relationship. The ultimate goal, which we have not yet reached, is to try to optimize systems and not just components.

The main use that the circular economy has had is recycling with the famous 3Rs (Reduce, recycle and reuse). But since this method began, an evolution has been sought in it so that it does not remain a simple anecdote and seeks to advance towards the recovery of resources with recycling.

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A round Black Friday with Back Market’s circular economy

We all want the latest in technology, but it is not always available. With Back Market we take items reconditioned by certified workshops and with a succulent discount of up to 70%. Within this website we can find laptops, smartphones or tablets at the best prices.

Initially, we all knew Back Market from smartphones and their television advertising. However, they have gradually opened up to new markets for keep preaching the circular economy that helps the environment the most. It is always better to repair and refine a device than to recycle it and buy a new one. For this reason, the work of Back Market is of great importance, it allows giving a second life to those devices that their owners no longer want.

Renew your mobile or enjoy the best games

As we already said, Back Market now goes beyond smartphones and we can find almost anything. Be from Xbox or from PlayStation in Back Market they have an offer for you. They also have their Mobile Black Friday Although, as we have already indicated, the idea is that we have great prices all year round and not just for a day, a week or a month. So, if you are planning your Christmas shopping, take a look at Back Market and you will surely find a gift at the best price.