One of the most anticipated games for this month of October was Back 4 Blood, a video game that is now available on consoles and PC. The title, which favors multiplayer gameplay above all (something that has garnered criticism and that Turtle Rock plans to change), is the spiritual successor to the beloved classic Left 4 Dead 2. We already know how have you been to the game in its early hours.

Back 4 Blood came out yesterday, October 12, and based on the data we see on SteamDB, it had a peak of concurrent players of 52,253 users on Steam. These are very good figures, also taking into account that the game is on Xbox Game Pass on PC, a situation that surely has subtracted players from the platform. Valve. It would be interesting to know the total number, but there is no data.

Looking at Steam, the game already has exceeded the record simultaneous users of the first Left 4 Dead, which stands at 30,616 and was registered 13 years ago, which is said soon. It’s no wonder that it achieved this milestone, for the simple fact that so many more people now play on PC. Yes, still it is very far of the figures obtained by Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 8 years ago managed to bring together 162,399 players at the same time. This number is much older the one achieved by Back 4 Blood on its opening day, although we insist that the global number will be larger. The funny thing is that in the last 24 hours, L4D2 has had a peak of 18,865 simultaneous players, clearly pushed by the departure of B4B.

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On 3D PC Games We give you more information about Back 4 Blood in our analysis, a fun and well-built game for the future, thanks to the different decks of cards that we can create. Beyond that, if you play it on PC and want to know how to get its full potential, we leave you the B4B computer optimization guide so that you can kill zombies with the best quality.