Bacardi ice cream becomes the best option for Internet users against the heat

Bacardi ice cream becomes the best option for Internet users against the heat

Some users often share with other Internet users various recipes, simple, but effective; this time, a TikTok account shared their Bacardi ice cream recipe. The video has managed to charm users of the social network, since the brand is one of the favorite alcoholic beverages of many users and also one of the most consumed. Internet users regularly share videos about tasting their drinks or even “reviews” of the brand on different social networks.

According Statista, based on a study that shows the evolution of the global volume of Bacardi sales from 2011 to 2020, it can be seen that during the last year the sales of this brand of rum represented close to 18 million 9-liter cases in 2020. On the other hand, in 2019, they registered a record amount, as sales in dollars generated by Bacardi in the United States alone amounted to some 180 million dollarsranking in the top ten sales of liquor brands in that year.

On one occasion, a user impressed Internet users on the social network when she showed her recipe for Bacardi gummies. Now, this video shows the versatility of the brand, but above all the ingenuity of consumers, who sometimes know the brand much more than the label itself, managing to make combinations that enchant and fall in love with those who have been able to try them.

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Bacardi ice cream becomes the best option for Internet users to combat the intense heat

This TikTok account has known how to beat the heat and proposes a special drink to do so. The two brands that have made a perfect dumbbell in meetings and social events, Coca-Cola and Bacardi, have done it again. Users shared their recipe for ice cream with Bacardi:

@feervalencia0 flavor, flavor #fypシ #for you #bacacho #contigonofue ♬ It Wasn’t With You – Adriel Favela & La Cotorrisa & Strecci

Some users gave a favorable opinion about this new “version” of the alcoholic beverage:

“The flavor of white Bacardí is not lost or dominated, it does combine.”

“We need more people like you in this life”

“Pa when there is no ice, cool recipe”

In short, some connoisseurs of the brand demonstrated their love for her, by solving the question of why hit the bottle.

“They hit the bottle because the pulp stays at the bottom”

Without a doubt, this is one of the best examples of what users can “invent” when the love for a brand has been earned in the best way. Let us remember that the Mexican public is famous for its funny and strange combinations with well-known foods. We already have the “dorilocos”, the “licuachelas”, “the crazy potatoes”, “the dead bread thread” and the unforgettable “gomiboings”, which now represent their own linguistic referent. Meanwhile, the video has 97 thousand “likes” and more than a million views.

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