Azura will steal your heart with her Nami cosplay

Azura will steal your heart with her Nami cosplay

the anime of one piece has crossed barriers, and in addition to a long history, it has become one of the best known animes and has a large number of cosplays of its characters, so if you are also a fan of this anime or the costume artists, Honey, you’ve come to the right place.

Since here, we will always have all kinds of cosplay jobs for you to have a good time, among which you will surely find some of your favorite characters and cosplayers, whether it is video games, anime, manga, comics, movies or more, this is the place where we will show you some of the most amazing and interesting cosplay versions that we find on the networks, so make yourself comfortable.

On this occasion, we bring you a beautiful cosplay model, who could surely catch your attention, and our goal is simple: always show the best cosplay version that we find on the networks, and of course, this time it will not be the exception.

We present you a new version of Namione of the most popular girls within the Straw Hats clan, who in addition to being part of the team and a beloved member within the One Piece anime, so the time has come to show you an attractive version of the cat thief, join us.

She is Azuraa beautiful American model with a body carved by the gods themselves, you can find her on her official Instagram @azuracosplayofficial, where she has more than 201 thousand followers and an interesting and varied catalog of cosplay jobs, where the girl takes us to know a little more about her and her hobbies.

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Now, she shows us her best version of Nami, a cosplay inspired by the anime girl One Piece, where she wears long orange hair, a blue swimsuit top with white lines, as well as short denim shorts with lace on the sides, along with her unmistakable tattoo near the shoulder, the pirate girl, manages to steal anyone’s heart and treasure. We hope this cosplay work has been to your liking, and please continue on eGames News.