Azura Cosplay in her own version of Charizard from Pokémon in Boudoir

Azura Cosplay in her own version of Charizard from Pokémon in Boudoir

Pokémon is one of the most popular franchises in the world and it goes without saying that it is enjoying immense success thanks to several factors, including its creatures that with each new installment of anime and video games have earned the affection of a great number of fans around the world, and to a large extent, from the cosplay community.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that various artists and models from around the world have made unique creations in tribute to their favorite Pokémon, so today it takes a leading role in a recreation inspired by the character of Charizard and its peculiar way of combine with all clothes.

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Best of all, this cosplay was made by the beautiful Azura Cosplay, better known as azuracosplayofficial, on her official Instagram account, which allows us to see what a Boudoir version of this beloved Pokémon would look like. Many anime and video game fans would do anything to make her their starter Pokémon.

Charizard in particular is very loved by fans, and a clear example of why, can be seen in this characterization by Azura Cosplay that takes the theme of Pokémon and presents it to us in a tiny garment with which the model models its striking curves, which will surely steal the eyes of more than one Pokémon fan.

This cosplay manages to unite beauty and sensuality in a single shot, luckily for us Azura Cosplay shared more of her version on her official Instagram account, so you can take a big leap and see more detail. The cosplayer dressed in the characteristic color of the Pokémon and put on various clothes that perfectly complement this characterization.

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We must mention that, a quite striking detail is that the lingerie has a Pokémon theme, along with Charizard wings and tail, without forgetting that she enhanced an orange wig to complement them, we have loved it and we are only left with the phrase of the model who mentions that, “I consider myself a responsible and fully functional adult until I remember that yesterday I ate a tub of ice cream from Costco while wearing my Charizard pajamas.”