Azucena is Yor Forger from Spy x Family in excellent cosplay

Azucena is Yor Forger from Spy x Family in excellent cosplay

This weekend ended the first part of the first season of the anime of Spy x Family, so we will have to wait until autumn to see new episodes. Meanwhile we present you one of the best cosplays of Yor Forger that have been published recently, lily she became the killer in Spy x Family recently.

The Mexican cosplayer Azu or Azucena is currently living in Madrid, and presented her Yor Forger cosplay a couple of weeks ago, after receiving many requests from her followers. However, at that time she Azu said that the heat in Madrid did not allow her to wear her cosplay for a long time, so she did not take many pictures of her.

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The first time that Azu shared photos in her Yor Forger cosplay, she promised that she would take more soon, as her followers have been very insistent with this character. Yesterday Azucena gave us another look at her Yor Forger cosplay, as she posted two more photos as the protagonist of Spy x Family.

It seems that all the photos of her Yor Forger cosplay that Azucena has published belong to the same session, so we could see the Mexican cosplayer as the killer of the thorns on another occasion soon. Meanwhile, Azu claims to be working on her next costume and even went into the gym to “get super hot” in honor of her character, though she didn’t say who she is.

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Without a doubt, Azucena is one of the most talented Mexican cosplayers currently active, so if you like the style of her Yor Forger cosplay from Spy x Family, I recommend you take a look at her social networks, because for a few Months ago he started cosplaying more often and has played various characters in comics, video games and anime.