Awning or advance? What is the best option for your camper

Awning or advance?  What is the best option for your camper

Awning or advance? The advance is cheaper, has more coverage and also works in summer and winter. The awning, although it needs approval and is more expensive, is easier to unfold and also does not take up space inside the camper van.

The reduced space of a camper van makes us think about the option of to extend your cabin with two possible options: the classic awning extending from the roof of the van itself, or a Advance which is set up independently and in a way much like a tent. But what are their differences, the advantages and disadvantages of each option? And above all, what are we most interested in installing in our camper?

As with almost any equipment In a camper van, choosing between the different options is often a matter of taste and priorities. But in the comparison “awning vs advance there are a number of differences and objective data to take into account when choosing what to buy.

The advance can serve in summer and in winter, if we have stationary heating.

Awning or trailer for a camper van?

In the case of a awning, it requires a fixed installation that supposes an important additional weight and that, evidently, goes against the aerodynamics. They are not two especially important aspects in a camper, but they must be taken into account. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that it is always exposed to the rain, the sun and other elements that can deteriorate it little by little if, for example, the van usually sleeps in the street.

A Advance, however, it is always stored correctly, it weighs less –because they are usually made of plastic, like a tent- and yes, take up space inside the camper van when they are not in use. Its great advantage, yes, is that it is not just a upper protection like a roof, like an awning, but they also have walls and floor, so the protection is much higher and therefore that makes it a solution valid for both cold and heat.

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Awning or advance? What is the best option for your camper
An awning is more expensive and requires approval, but it does not reduce interior space.

The great drawback of awning for camper van is that he has a high costfrom 700 euros, approximately- compared to an advance, which can be around 200 to 300 euros with excellent benefits. In addition, an advance does not need homologation of any kind, while the awning must be homologated and this is extra time and money.

Both the awning and the advance, at a legal level, can only be used in camping and some specific camping places. But as we advanced, due to the fact of having more covered areas, the advance gives us the possibility of using it to protect ourselves from the sun and the summer heat, but it can also be combined with stationary heating and used in winter or in somewhat cold.