Breast Cancer .- The leading Mexican business group in the fashion industry with more than 70 years in the market, Diltex Brands, joins the World Day to Fight Breast Cancer, which is commemorated every October 19, with the activation of its pink campaign, led by the brands Ilusión and Fiorentina.

Its objective is to create awareness about prevention through self-examination, as well as to provide opportunities to women who have been diagnosed with this disease, through support that allows them to rejoin the social and economic environment to improve their quality of life and of their families.

Breast cancer represents the leading cause of cancer death in women over 20 years of age in Mexico, according to the National Institute of Public Health (INSP). For their part, indicators from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) indicate that, of every 100 hospital discharges of women due to malignant tumors, 37 are due to breast cancer.

Aware of the incidence of this disease, Diltex Brands, through its Ilusión firm, donates breast prostheses every year through its stores and with the support of its independent catalog sellers, who can request them for their clients.

The prostheses are made by hand in collaboration with the civil association Kadima, which promotes the inclusion and labor insertion of people with disabilities. This initiative has been carried out for more than 10 years and five thousand prostheses are delivered each year, during the month of October.

“At Ilusión we are committed to promoting self-exploration through our” Pink Reminder “campaign in order to generate collective awareness around prevention, in addition to supporting women who have unfortunately been affected by this disease, because we know that beyond of the functionality of the prostheses, having them represents a positive impact on their self-esteem, by helping them to feel better about themselves “ mentioned Ximena Cortina, manager of Illusion.

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Additionally, the brand also carries out a social and economic reintegration campaign aimed at breast cancer survivors, a project that is carried out with the patient navigation department of the National Cancer Institute (INCAN). Likewise, it makes donations of a special bra for women who require it and promotes talks about the importance of self-exploration.

On October 19, Ilusión will hold a virtual event, open to the general public, where they will participate Eugenia Debayle and the doctor Julie Solomon to talk about the importance of early detection of breast cancer and preventive recommendations against this disease. This event is part of the “Pink Reminder” campaign, which will also launch a special edition bra with a print on the cups on how to perform a self-examination, so that women remember to do it periodically.

For its part, the Fiorentina brand also carries out the “1Bra x 1Bra” awareness campaign, an initiative in which for each bra sold during the month of October another is donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation (FUCAM). “In Fiorentina we seek accompany women during all their stages of their life, including those difficult moments, which is why for us it is essential to join the cause and promote the prevention of breast cancer ” he pointed Clara Garcia, manager of Fiorentina.

All these actions are part of the external social pillar of Diltex Brands’ action platform, Conscious Fashion, which integrates a series of strategies and projects focused on contributing and inspiring human well-being and improvement, taking into account the economic, social and environmental environment. Thus, this pink month, the company reinforces its commitments to Mexican women and makes a call to promote awareness and timely detection.