Avoid mistakes and problems when creating a PDF with these simple tips

Avoid mistakes and problems when creating a PDF with these simple tips

When creating our own personal documents based mainly on texts, we usually use an editor for this, such as Word. However, if we want to go one step further and generate somewhat more complex documents, a good solution is found with the popular ones files in PDF format.

These are the documents that with certain applications we have the possibility to create from scratch. But at the same time we can generate them from other types of files such as DOCX, PPTX, images, etc. The truth is that this specific format, initially created by Adobe, has not stopped growing and spreading to all kinds of usage environments. They are usually composed of multiple types of elements such as the aforementioned texts, images, links, buttons, tables, graphics, videos, etc.

Over time, a multitude of programs have adapted their functions so that we have the possibility of creating a PDF directly. Even the Windows operating system itself presents us with a functionality called Print to PDF that we can use from a multitude of installed applications. However, when generating this type of content we must take into consideration some aspects in order to avoid errors and problems. And, despite the simplicity of these processes, sometimes we get unwanted results.

When creating this type of files in a personalized way, there are several parameters and sections that we must take into consideration. This will avoid disappointment later when we already have the final PDF file.

Make no mistake when generating your own PDF files

The first thing we must take into consideration is the later use of this new file. It is not the same to create a PDF to store documentation on a personal level, than to share it with others. Therefore, for this we must take into consideration configuration parameters such as the pages into which we are going to divide it, the margins to use, fonts, etc.

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Another of the sections that we must bear in mind is that related to the weight of the final file. Taking into consideration that we can include a multitude of additional elements to these, sometimes sharing them can become a complex task. This is something that is especially evident if we use a lot of photos and videos that are integrated directly into the document. That is why we can find a PDF of considerable weight. To avoid this, it must be taken into account that we generally have the possibility of specify the quality of this multimedia content so that the file occupies less.

Changing the third we must also take into account that these files sometimes contain certain information that is somewhat sensitive. That is why when creating them we have the possibility of establishing some security measures to protect them. In this way, many applications allow us, when creating our own PDF, add a password and even encryption, so that it is more difficult to access its content.

Of course, something that we must bear in mind is that if we lose the established key we will not be able to see what is saved in this file again. This is a very interesting function in the event that we are going to send it through the internet or share it with others.