Avocado, tuna and mackerel appetizer. Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

Avocado, tuna and mackerel appetizer.  Easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

A pantry without its good supply of seafood cans is a lost opportunity to assemble a multitude of dishes without having to cook, especially at aperitif time. In just 15 to 20 minutes we can do just a little bit more to prepare a dip or spreadable cream so delicious like this, adding avocado and few other ingredients.

The original recipe uses smoked trout, but in our neighborhood supermarket it is easier to find the typical cans of mackerel and bonito in olive oil, which do the trick perfectly. We can play with the combination to our liking, using only one type of fish if we prefer. We will have a good portion of quality proteins and healthy fats, which we can make while still healthy if we do without mayonnaise or use natural yogurt instead.

Drain the excess oil from cans and crumble both contents in a bowl. Add a little lemon zest (washed) and the juice of half, strained. Thinly slice the tender stems of one or two chives, reserving a little for garnish, and add.

Add the mayonnaise and a dash of ground black pepper and mix evenly. Cut the avocado half in half, sprinkle one with lemon and chop the other into cubes. Add them to the bowl and mix gently. Taste and adjust for salt or lemon if necessary.

Serve in a clean small bowl or salad bowl adding the rest of the diced avocado and the chives in the center. Take another hit of ground pepper and sprinkle with a little olive oil or more lemon juice.

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With what to accompany the avocado, bonito and mackerel dip

Vegetable crudités are the healthiest option to spread this exquisite dip, although we cannot resist bringing to the table crunchy bites like pickles, homemade sourdough nags, or seed crackers. Depending on the appetite we have for the aperitif, we can add to the table some unsalted roasted nuts, such as pistachios on this occasion, or almonds falsely fried in the microwave.

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