Automata Likes KFC Chicken, Maker Confirms

Automata Likes KFC Chicken, Maker Confirms

When we talk about NieR: Automata, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the android YoRHa No. 2 Type B, better known as 2B who made this game popular.

About this, the past January 7th this dear character fulfiled years And fans were able to find out more about it after its creator revealed an interesting detail that is apparently already canon.

There is a chain of fried chicken, that we all know, that’s right, we talk about KFC, which is not only known for its chicken-based dishes, but also has a presence in the video game industry and an interesting way to interact with fans is through its social networks, in which it occasionally shares video game memes .

It was enough to place a tweet where they asked if it was real that a 2B He liked fried chicken, with that, the chain gave something to talk about a new account in the gamer community, and we mentioned it because a few days ago, the official account of Spain shared an image in which you can see 2B (from an unidentified cosplayer), apparently waiting for her order at a branch, and asked her followers if it was something real.

After generating interest among some users, the message reached the creator of NieR: Automata, Yoko taro, which in a message confirmed that the photo is real, so it can be said that 2B likes KFC.

Later, proud of his achievement, the official account of KFC celebrated the confirmation he got from the creative.

This was just a fun way to know a little more about how our favorite characters could be in the real world, just don’t forget to take it for what it is, a meme and with a lot of humor, since the very Yoko taro, the creative behind that title, took it that way.

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Don’t forget, real girls … they like fried chicken !!