audiovisual media in advertising

audiovisual media in advertising

Daily life as it is known today would not be the same without the great impact generated by audiovisual media, since these social media have to do directly with aspects of image and audio, whether it is in motion such as videos or fixed as illustration and photography, which by serving as a didactic medium, seeks to communicate a message, making use of visual and sound media.

The author, López de Quintana, mentions that the audiovisual media, “are those that present the information in video or audio separately and the titles formed by alternative supports: video, sound recordings or slides” therefore, making use of these practices results in something extremely relevant in the positioning of any company among the taste of consumers.

Among the basic strategies of a good digital marketing, audiovisual resources, are a fundamental part, since these allow a higher level of interaction with the active consumer base; However, although society experienced a sudden forced migration towards mostly digital environments, due to the social distancing caused by the current pandemic, not everyone has been able to adapt to new trends and the growing importance of having sound and visual advertising strategies.

Audiovisual media in advertising

One of the main reasons to start thinking about audiovisual measures as a marketing strategy is because the human mind tends to store information more easily within the subconscious, since the brain tends to take this information and store it for much longer, even for years, An example of this is listening to a television-type commercial and remembering its melodies or famous phrase even years later.

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In the same way, it is worth mentioning that audiovisual resources not only have a faster impact, and that they remain longer, but greater confidence is generated with potential customers when they have a clear vision of what some products are and how they work, which helps to make a more effective and faster purchase decision.

Creativity is the only limit for the creation of a good advertising strategy with visual and auditory content, sometimes, a good strategy achieves a greater impact, that the search for positioning through injections of money, also within the new reality, social networks and digital platforms play a fundamental role, since they have opened up a wide panorama of possibilities, with digital creatives or influencers being one of the advertising trends in audiovisual content.

Previously, the usual medium with the greatest impact for this type of marketing strategy was TV, radio and the best printed media; However, today with a base of just over 4.9 billion people currently using the internet, This is in accordance with data provided by Statisticalpoints out that now the great trend and commitment of companies are centered within the network,other strategies within social networks, such as trends or memes, or generating spots and short videos that are transmitted continuously as advertisements within web pages, in addition to generating interaction through creative digital influencers.

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