audio and music for advertising that fascinate

audio and music for advertising that fascinate

You can close your eyes, but not your ears and your brand has to take advantage of it.

Audio is one of the most powerful tools to sell anything: From a simple idea to the most sophisticated product. Why? Because you can’t help but listen to it, and with enough repetition, there is no message in the world that doesn’t turn into something memorable.

Unlike video, with audio you turn on the most powerful engine that human beings have: imagination. At costs approaching zero, you can put your audience close to a Tyrannosaurus Rex, in a war in the middle of spaceships, or in the middle of a chorus of singing babies. There is nothing impossible in the world of audio; And along with the video, they are unstoppable.

audio and music for advertising that fascinate

Music has the ability to lower any mental defense and make us accept even the most unlikely messages as true. That’s why you find yourself singing songs that maybe you don’t like, because they just “stick”. With music you have no possibility of defending yourself, because it enters your brain directly where emotions are processed; and it is there, in that place, where you make your decisions.

“We have corrected our own work more than 100,000 times seeking excellence. In addition, there is our customer service; where punctuality, being able to understand the orders, requests and scripts well and transmit this to the pieces, contributing creatively, in balance with the respect that the original script always deserves, make this aspect highly appreciated by our clients ”.

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audio and music for advertising that fascinate

In this magical and powerful world is where Magic Studio It has become one of the most important allies of the brands; creating unforgettable campaigns for more than 13 years.

Magic Estudio was born in 2008 with the vision of delivering a superior service experience, in an industry where everything is needed more than urgently, and impeccably created and executed. And to achieve this, they dedicated hundreds of hours to study, experiment and apply everything related to Audio Branding and Psychoacoustics. In this way, they accelerated the accuracy of the results and the functionality of the campaigns they worked on.

Magic Estudio, passion creates magic.

Magic Studio

A projection of the Statista platform warns that the expected investment in the Digital Audio Advertising industry will reach 5 thousand 952 million dollars this 2021. The expectation of growth in this figure marks a very important precedent in the market, which has to do with with the guarantee that this audio production company offers:

Audiobranding knowledge: Each audio achieves that behind creativity there is knowledge about human behavior; why a certain sound works for one purpose and not another; or why this sound generates this reaction in the body.

Focus on creativity: The experience that is acquired from the experience of working with the best brands in the world, whose demands are very high; and also, of course, having the best professionals and the best tools.

Deep knowledge of music and psychoacoustics: Knowing the impact it has on the human brain, makes Magic Studio achieve the recognition of creating “earworms”, that is, music that does not come out of your head.

In short, the passion put in the details, the love for the service, the search for each melody and each sound to be in the right place; and with the customer as a priority, they make Magic Studio the option where brands remain in the memory of their customers forever.

audio and music for advertising that fascinate

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