Attention agencies! Ricardo Salinas could pitch for a campaign that will take him to Cannes Lions

Attention agencies!  Ricardo Salinas could pitch for a campaign that will take him to Cannes Lions

This 2022 celebrates another edition of the Cannes Lions Festival. This year’s format will be hybrid, so it will take place in person and digitally. The creative spirit is such that even this has come to Salinas Groupinspiring the company to hire a marketer specialist in leading popular brands to win metals in the French city.

During this week the appointment of Elena Ortiz as the new Director of Marketing for Grupo Elektra and arrives with the credentials that reinforce the idea that Elektra will look for an agency that will allow it to compete in the most important festival in the advertising industry, the perfect pretext for a businessman who enjoys reaching blue coast destinations by yacht

Elena Alti’s profile is creatively insane. In 2017, as head of digital Marketing at Santander Group, she won a Grand Prix in Entertainment, hand in hand with MRM//McCann.

The campaign is remembered in the advertising market because the story “How Much, Beyond Money” was starred by Adriana Ugarteactress of emblematic series such as Time between seams.

The approach of the campaign was how to sell a bank account to a generation of young people who did not want to hear anything about banks, so the plot was set in a futuristic era where life experiences are bought and sold.

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Alti has a unique creative eye and owes it to his career at agencies such as McCann Worldgroup, SCPF, BBDO and Ammirati Puris Lintas, so his arrival at Elektra implies, we have no doubt, one of the most important pitches of this 2022 for advertising agencies interested in running a campaign capable of taking away a piece of metal on the French coast.

Banco Azteca and Banamex

One of the most anticipated mergers this year in banking matters is the possible purchase of Banamex by Ricardo Salinas, which would add this brand to Banco Azteca and the context surrounding this operation does not disappoint, it is the best scenario for an advertising campaign devastating.

It is time for advertising agencies to go out in search of accounts that undoubtedly need to rethink their communication through a powerful story, that manages to tie with a bank, that regardless of whether it is acquired by Salinas or another entity, opens the space to design a campaign and keep an account that you will need to publicize your new image when you say goodbye to Citi.

The opportunity also lies in accompanying Alti, a woman used to working with advertising agencies and the value of her work is patented with awards, so the creative proposal should not be less than what she is used to presenting at festivals.

Cannes Lions festival

By the way, this year’s Festival announced its jury presidents a few days ago, ruling out Latin America and taking away from Mexico the opportunity to chair categories for this edition, so the strategy will be knowing how to communicate the pieces that compete this year, with a jury that will obviously have its sights set on the great meccas of creativity such as the United States, France, Spain and Brazil, which within Latin America is the nation with the most metals and a unique exhibition of campaigns that guarantee metals in each edition that is they present.

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