AT&T will compensate customers for “deferred equipment charge”

AT&T will compensate customers for “deferred equipment charge”

How will AT&T users be compensated?

Users who are no longer current AT&T users: They will be refunded the amounts collected plus 20% for compensation, Profeco detailed in a statement.

Current users: The company will discount the collections made plus an additional 20% compensation through an “internet-data” exchange, consisting of 3 GB for each effective collection in each of the lines in which it has been made, without establishing deadline for consumption.

To those who filed a class action lawsuit: They will be contacted directly by Profeco, and in addition to the above benefits, AT&T will pay compensation in the amount of 3,000.00 pesos.

What do I need to do to get AT&T to compensate me?

The benefits may be requested by consumers who are under these assumptions until October 4, 2023, for which they must request it at their nearest Customer Service Center:

The agreement was signed by the legal representatives of AT&T, Jorge Torres Martínez and Jerónimo Diez de Sollano Velasco Aceves, and by Pedro Francisco Rangel Magdaleno, deputy attorney for Telecommunications of Profeco.