We can say everything we want about ‘Toy Boy’, but it must be recognized that with this series, Atresmedia’s men scored a bit. Something that they seek to repeat with their season 2, which Atresplayer Premium will premiere on Sunday, September 26.

Thus, there are barely ten days to that we see again the adventures of this group of strippers in that mix of erotic / festive / criminal drama. After its passage through the platform, the series will be released for everyone on Netflix, where it reaped its greatest joys.

As we said at the time, this second season of ‘Toy Boy’ will start with the explosion of a bomb in the Inferno, which leaves Triana on the brink of death. A Hugo unleashed will do everything possible to discover who is behind everything. Which brings you to One Per Cent, Marbella’s new luxury strip club.

Álex González and Federica Sabatini are, in their roles as El Turco and Rania, the main signings of these new chapters of fiction, whose main cast is made up of Jesus Mosquera, Cristina Castano and Maria Pedraza.

Carlo Costanzia, Jose de la Torre, Raudel Raúl Martiato, Juanjo Almeida, Pedro Casablanc, María Pujalte, Adelfa Calvo, Miriam Díaz-Aroca, Jose Manuel Seda, Eduardo Velasco and Maxi Iglesias complete the cast. Pablo Roa and Fernando Sancristóbal coordinate the script of a series created by César Benítez, Juan Carlos Cueto and Rocío Martínez.