At this time part two of Stranger Things 4 is released |

At this time part two of Stranger Things 4 is released |

One of the most anticipated shows of July for Netflix is the second part of Stranger Things 4, a season that has taken fans of the saga by surprise for everything it has in its plot. Precisely, one of the decisions that some saw as somewhat strange was to separate the chapters into two parts, something that the platform does not do very often.

First of all, the next part of the adventures of the children of hawkins will get to the next July 1 at a global level, so users must be certain that they will be available on that day. However, everyone has the belief that they will be able to see this second part as soon as the clock strikes exactly the right 12:00 amsomething that is partly wrong.


The official time in Mexico for the chapters to be released are at 2:00 a.m.from the time of the center of the country, to the 1:00 am of the Pacific time and at 12:00 am of northwestern time. It is worth noting that although they are different times between sections of the country, it will arrive at the same time for all those who wish to stay awake with the series.

The duration of this conclusion for the fourth season of stranger things It will be almost five hours long, since in previous interviews it was stated with the directors that they are practically two joined films. And as for the plot, it has only been mentioned that some characters will have to make sacrifices for the greater good of their loved ones.

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Remember that this series is exclusive to Netflix.

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