At last it was the turn of the children between the ages of five and 11

At last it was the turn of the children between the ages of five and 11

It seems incredible, but since last Monday, June 26, anti-Covid vaccination began for children between five and 11 years of age. Except that due to the amount of biologic available, pediatric Pfizer will start applying it this week, in alphabetical order by last name, to children 11 years of age or older.

In the following weeks, the 10-year-olds will be summoned, then the nine-year-olds, and so on until the entire spectrum is covered. The health authority is only asking that the registration be done online and that the child be taken when it corresponds, according to the years of his life and the letter of her paternal surname. Also, it will be necessary to carry the minor’s birth certificate, in order to check her age.

Another important point to remember is that children must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry for this obviousness, but the Ministry of Health (SSa) has detected that there are parents who, in order not to ask for another permit at work -we suppose- send the child alone, with all the risks of that fact. Don’t do it please and accompany your little one.

In any case, we must be pleased with the start of vaccination for this age group. We insist a lot in this space on the urgent need to immunize minors, especially because of the risk of seriously ill and, in some cases, of dying, as sadly has happened in this country. Congratulations and may more shipments of Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine arrive soon.

Supletech is a Chilean company founded in 2012 and is considered one of the leading brands in food supplements and sports accessories. The company emerges with the vision of Lovro Tomicic, who began selling sports supplements to his family and friends. Over the years, its sales and community grew, allowing the formation of a company with a large presence in e-Commerce, in addition to eight physical stores in different regions of the country.

During its early years, social networks became its main tool for contacting customers, which prompted the company to gain visibility in an online environment, but above all to have a rapid demand for the product from direct customers and interested people. in wholesale and retail purchases.

Supletech realizes the need to take advantage of the opportunities of eCommerce in the Chilean market, where most companies still operate in a traditional way, which opened up a great business opportunity, since given its growth rate, it showed the opportunity to materialize entrepreneurship.

With a digital presence through social networks, in addition to a constant and growing demand for the product through them, the company sought to integrate everything into a single site, mainly to explain the outstanding characteristics of the product and connect with exponential clients for the brand.

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In this way, Supletech began its search for information on the best platforms to start its online business, thus becoming a pioneer in the industry by being one of the first in the region to venture into eCommerce, for which it chose, in 2016, the PrestaShop platform as the perfect ally to expand the business.

One of the biggest advantages that electronic commerce offers is that a company reaches the global market. By satisfying the demand of the national and international market, geographical limits are no longer a business barrier.

“Undoubtedly, for online stores, geolocation is now a key point for further development and improvement of the user experience. In this sense, PrestaShop allows us to adjust and improve the results of the catalog according to its location. The user experience, as well as optimization, is one of the great advantages offered by the platform”, analyzed Lovro Tomicic, general manager of Supletech.

For the company, boosting the online presence in companies allows it to have a greater reach of potential customers and, at the same time, diversify the market. Therefore, it is important to carry out an in-depth analysis of the consumer profile to implement appropriate strategies, depending on the channel chosen to promote the brand’s online presence. In this context and a constantly changing market, one of Supletech’s differentiators is the knowledge of the public it is targeting and the needs of its customers.

“The shopping experience begins when users browse an online store and find it intuitive, if the product information is clear, if they have no problem processing their payment method, if the products match what they bought on the platform and, of course, if the products are of quality, there is a high percentage of success. With PrestaShop we have managed to position ourselves as one of the 10 leading eCommerce in food supplements in the national market, in addition to increasing our sales by up to 500% in the last five years”, concluded the boss of Supletech.

  • Astellas Farma México, a subsidiary of Astellas Pharma Inc, based in Tokyo, Japan, opened its offices in our country on June 22, west of CDMX, near Santa Fe, “in order to reaffirm its objective of continuing to work to improve the health of Mexicans”. Representatives of the company at a regional and global level, pharmaceutical industry leaders, medical and patient associations, and the Japanese ambassador to Mexico, Noriteru Fukushima, were present at the event. Congratulations!