The night before we will begin leaving the beans to soak In a large container as they grow a lot, on the other hand in another bowl we will desalt our pork shoulder.

The next day we put the beans in a pot with a thick bottom, we will add the garlic cloves, the whole peeled onion, the olive oil and the bay leaf, we will cover with water, better mineral, up to two fingers above our beans, letting them come to a boil and stopping the cooking with a jet of cold water. This is what they say “scare them fabes”, operation that you will repeat throughout the cooking two more times.

Meanwhile, what I usually do is in another small pot boil the meat separately, this makes the blood sausage especially loose part of its fat and we do not have so much fabada at the end, this step is totally dispensable, if you do not care about the excess fat that day, you will add all the meat to the pot where it is they cook the beans once we have scared them.

Follow, continue cooking over medium-low heat for approximately three hours, skimming if necessary and making sure that it does not stay dry, if so, you add small amounts of hot water, either alone or from the pot where we had previously blanched the meats, remembering two more times to scare the fabada with cold water throughout the cooking time.

Just when the beans are cooked and the time has passed, check the salt and add whatever you need, letting the beans cook for a few minutes so that the salt is incorporated. Do not throw it at the beginning but at this time.

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