AstraZeneca reached the production of 50 million doses of its vaccine against COVID-19 in the country, which contributes to the more than 75 million doses that have been delivered to Mexico and Latin America. This is the result of strategic alliances with different commercial partners in the region, including Liomont, a Mexican laboratory where the vaccine filling and packaging process is carried out.

To date, 1.5 billion doses have been released for supply in more than 170 countries. The vaccine represents approximately two-thirds of the supply of the Global Access Fund for COVID-19 Vaccines (COVAX) to date.

Sylvia Varela, Vice President of AstraZeneca for Latin America, mentioned: “We are committed to changing the course of the pandemic with a vaccine made for the world and proudly produced in Mexico. Our priority is to protect the health of Latin Americans. Industry, governments and international organizations must work together in the fight against this pandemic.

This vaccine against COVID-19 has proven to be well tolerated and effective in clinical studies of up to 60,000 participants, as well as highly effective for all degrees of severity of the disease.

Real World Evidence (RWE) suggests that the vaccine is effective against all current variants of concern, and thus far remains effective against hospitalization for more than 20 weeks after a second dose.